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Will you still play The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 if Clementine is not in it?

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The first season revolves around her, it would be strange for me to play it if she is not there at my side needing my protection.

I would give season 2 a shot, but without the drama and emotional toll caring for and protecting Clem it wont be nearly as good as S1, especially without Lee and Clem.

At any rate, I will be pissed if she is no longer part of TWD game.
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  • If she isn't in the second season I'll be glad. If she is, Telltale will probably try to make us her caretaker again, which would just be tedious and dull. If she is in the second season, that's fine. But if we're her caretaker again, I won't play it. That would just result in reused story lines and would undermine anything that Lee did.
  • I'll probably play it either way, but without her I might just stop while at it, on the other hand if she's in how are the odds we see her die, because who knows the twd universe a little also knows happy endings don't exist there...
  • I'll tell you a very terrible thing, but at this moment Clem are only reason why I want play this game after Lee's death. But I'll bying this game anyway.
  • I Love the Walking dead world situation, So I will play it anyway. I love the Tv series to, And clam isn’t in it.
  • Ofc il play it.. one of the best games i have played in the last 2-3 years. Cant wait for the second season :P
  • The Walking Dead is ongoing. It isn't like a Final Fantasy that begins and ends a character's story within the same narrative. The comic continues to follow Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. The TV show continues to follow Rick Grimes and his group of survivors. The game had better continue to follow Clementine as she is the only known survivor (others have a strong likelihood, but not 100% guaranteed). I will still give it a chance if she is nowhere to be seen, but I will be disappointed. As much as it would suck, I would even accept her death, so long as I know what happens to her.

    That said, I do not want her to be the player character. Her personality has been set up already, and while it is influenced by Lee (us, the players), she maintains her own. I also do not want to reprise the role of her caretaker. Lee spent the latter half of the game teaching Clem to be a better survivor. If we have to bail her out of every bit of danger she finds herself in, then the appeal will just wear thin.

    No. Clementine should be more competent this time around. Not a generic Bruce Willis action character level of badassery, but not the scared child she was before. She can use a gun. She has experience scavenging things. She has Lee's final advice to draw from to respond to situations now. She no longer needs to screech, run and hide behind an adult. I want her to be treated as another member of the group (given tasks to complete and a job to do when things get dangerous), not an objective to protect.
  • Someone picking up exactly where Lee left of protecting Clem or something like that would only serve to devalue the relationship he had with her IMO. I would be very disappointed by that. I'd like to see a more independent Clem feature at least a little though.

    Beside season one had me caring for more than just Clem anyway, she was the main focus but they made some great side characters who i genuinely cared for (unheard of really from a video game, RIP Carley and Kenny)

    I have faith that telltale can deliver us a new and equally involving story with or without Clementine. (though i have no doubt she'll have some part to play)
  • I hear you The Fallen I feel the same way!

    But we don’t know if Kenny’s dead. Maybe he did the same as Lee kill a lot of zombies on his way and just smell like a walker, And the walkers just start eating Ben. And he got away. But the odds are low but its possible!
  • I agree with BlackBoxx 100% Was going to post something like that.
  • Saying it right now. If Clem isn't in season 2, I will be a douche to everyone in the group. I still want her to influence my moral decisions.
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