Does It worth playing ?

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I'm a "The Walking Dead" fan but I really don't know should I buy Sam & Max ?

I'm 23-4 years old but this game seems a little childish :confused:


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    It's more funny than childish. Try downloading episode 104 (if you have a PC) if you want to see if this sort of game is right for you. 104 is free.
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    this is not for child I can tell :D
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    Sam and Max isn't for kids, although it's not really offensive as much as subversive.

    The games are great, but don't expect anything resembling The Walking Dead. In addition to being very, very silly, its gameplay is more of a conventional point-and-click adventure, as opposed to The Walking Dead's interactive movie-style of gameplay.

    Go download Abe Lincoln Must Die (which is free). It should give you an idea of whether you'd like them or not.
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    Yeah, it looks childish, but looks can be deceiving. The wit of this dynamic duo is unmatched by any mere child. Bow down to SAM AND MAX.

    BOW. NOW.
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    The gameplay is pretty different from The Walking Dead. It's far more focused on exploring scenes and solving puzzles. There are no moral choices, there is no timer on the dialog like there is in Walking Dead. There is a ridiculous and fun storyline full of jokes and adventures, though, instead of a bleak world full of people yelling at each other and dying all over the place.

    Also, episode 104 is free, but I recommend starting with the first episode of Sam & Max The Devil's Playhouse ("The Penal Zone") if you're looking for a good starting point.
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    Make it free, then, so we have something else to suggest to people who say, "I'm not sure if I should buy this series or not...."
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    Sam and Max is the best game made by Telltale or any other game developer...

    Best game full stop!
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