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Chances of surviving a Season...

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Based on all the characters from Season one who died and lived there is roughly a 28% chance that a character will survive per Season. (this is assuming that all the characters who's fate is unknown are still alive)

With that in-mind, do we even want to see Clementine/Omid/Chrtisa in Season two? Given that statistically speaking only one of the three will survive it?
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  • dubesor;765870 said:
    indeed. If you argue Omid and Christa are unknown then so is Clementine... because we don't know what happened to her after the scene in the fields.. so that turns everyone into either unknown or dead. I think you have to account for ALL the characters in the game in order to make a chance of survival.
    And that would be around 1/3 characters you meet will survive long enough to finish the season. Anything else is no more than unproved guessing.
    Depends if you're after a general survival rate for everyone then you should, but it is fiction and even in the walking dead the survival rate is going to be very different for background and foreground characters, the fact that Dr Logan died doesn't really relate to Omid and Christa's chances, while the likes of Carley, Doug and Kenny's deaths probably do as they had a more similar role in the game.
    trd84;765961 said:
    Well they were last seen on a roof top in a city full of walkers, not exactly safe. As we seen 2 people die once we started on the roof and almost more when the sign broke.

    Also if you told them and Clem to meet at the train, something happens that they can't meet up there. So I think unknown is good for them.
    Nobody in the game is ever safe, but they lacked a notable death scene and weren't in any massive danger at the time. As for not meeting up with Clem, she's 9, finding the train station in a massive city full of walkers is a tough ask or maybe the meeting place was overrun, could be anything. Without any hints that they're dead we have to assume they're OK.

    They are technically unknown in the opposite way to Kenny. He's 95% dead so we assume, They're 95% alive so we assume. They are much more likely to be alive than the other "unknowns"
  • Tornreaper;763683 said:
    That said based on the darkness of TWD if Clementine is in season 2 I predict that she will be the next one to die. I mean the game messes with your emotions and TellTale has no reason to hold back just because we like Clementine.
    I disagree, I dont think Clem will die. The whole story is about her. Our mission in season 1 was to protect her. Sure there were other goals but Clem was what the game revolved around.

    Its just like the Comics. The story is about Rick, it revolves around him.

    Even in TWD you cant just kill off the main people. Sure every now and then a main character will die because it adds drama and suspense, but TWD comics/TV show would be nothing without Rick. Because its a story about his life. So with the game its a story of Clems life.
  • Your right, But get clem inside a really really bad situation will also do a lot! We don’t have to get clem killd To get a great impact.!

    It will not top this story. But it’s nearly impossible! But still a great game!
  • I'm kinda confused that anyone haven't mentioned Molly yet. I'd like s2 would be more about finding wtf is up with the world and playing a ninja chick to do that would be freaking awesome.

    I got closure when it came to clem and stuff, she's been taken care off, just gotta have to trust that. Not that I wouldn't like to meet up w her again in the future, I just don't want to play as her.

    Edit: Wouldn't want to play as anyone else either. Lee was obviuosly the smartest problemsolver of that group. Molly is even more resourceful, so s2 could get a step up in things required to do and amp up the difficulty both of reaction time and problem solving.
  • J_Scheff;767236 said:
    I agree with this guy above me. Clem doesnt need to die, why do we need to have the highest emotional impact? I felt devastated when Lee died. I felt bad when Kenny, Duck, Carley and Even maybe maybe a little at the end of Bens life. They can keep emotions high by killing people we care about, it doesnt have to be Clem.

    I honestly would hate TWD if they kill of Clem. Sure its TWD and sure there are no happy endings and everyone is fighting against the odds to stay alive. But Clem is the symbol of Hope in this game. If they kill her, they lose all hope. Who wants to play a game where there is nothing good. Who would want to live in a world where there is nothing good? There has to be Hope, and even TellTale has said that she is the symbol for hope!
    I'm not saying she needs to die or that i want her to(i don't), just suggesting that her death isn't in the realm of complete impossibility.
  • Tornreaper;763683 said:
    That said based on the darkness of TWD if Clementine is in season 2 I predict that she will be the next one to die. I mean the game messes with your emotions and TellTale has no reason to hold back just because we like Clementine.
    I feel as if Clem and Carl are immortal. Rick and Lee are not.
  • i just want Clementine to survive long enough to find Carl so they can be friends
  • It’s better than the ending of a good 97% of other zombie-themed movie/game endings, where everyone who was a main character dies at the end. At least in this we know at least three guys made it out of Season 1 alive.
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