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    At this point, the success or failure of the LSL remake will either destroy Replay games, or allow them enough funds to remake the second game. He talks as though he would like to LSL 8, but activision only gave him permission to remake, not create.

    While baggins probably already knows this from his research, the original artwork used to promote the LSL 1 game was actually just a mock-up of concept art from 2 guys in Isreal. Replay games had only made shady cell phone games up until this point. When Paul saw the concept arrwork, he decided it could be made into a game. He posted all about this publicly well over a year before the kickstarter was setup. In that time, zero progress was made on it. Not a single thing occurred, beyond some talks with Al to get him on board.

    Paul saw the kickstarter boom, jumped on, and timed it well enough to get funding. Now, suddenly two guys in Israel (sorry, i don't remember their names) that had only put out concept art before, suddenly had to put all the art together needed for a game. After several flights over there, and who knows how much kickstarter money spent, Paul fired them and picked up the current company who had only ever made an FPS for the ngage, or something along those lines (again, specific details escape me, and I'm too lazy to look them up).

    The short of it is, Paul had nothing but concept art when he went to kickstarter. No game engine, no script, nothing but a single piece of art depicting the front of Lefty's, some walk cycle drawings, and a modernized Larry.... and to repeat... this was after over a year since the game had been announced.

    Paul's not a business man. He is an overzealous fan he got the keys to the software house. I do hope it is a successful game (I backed it after all), but if it isn't... well, there is really only one person to blame.
  • Just want to correct one thing, Codemasters own Larry, not Activision.

    Carry on.
  • I'm curious, anybody here who has funded the LSL remake, are they giving out any news, tidbits, or promotions at all on development?
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    Correct on who owns LSL. Thanks for that. Pretty sad when even codemasters doesn't trust you enough to give you full reign over a game.

    @MusicallyInspired - Josh mandell sends out a weekly update. From Oct-Dec it was primarily beg-a-thons for everyone to vote on steam to get the game accepted on Project Greenlight.

    Also a small post in there about the game being delayed... but that is supposedly because they got so much money, it takes a long time to spend it all....(?) seriously.... I guess wasting 6 months on flying to Israel 3 times didn't waste enough.

    Anyways, ever since Josh took over the updates are at least jovial and upbeat.

    This weeks update claims, 'The Alpha is coming! We are estimating two weeks ‘til the Alpha build. "

    By alpha, I assume this means the dog will be able to piss on you... and not much else.
  • Exo, your characterization of the Larry Reloaded team's progress and their communication is more than a little off.

    I am a Larry Reloaded backer, and they have given all kinds of information about the game and have previewed some of the background art and early animation.

    They are very good about interacting with fans and backers in their online forum and elsewhere. I encourage you all to come over:


    The game is looking VERY nice, and I predict it will be among the most successful of the recent Kickstarter-funded bunch.

    Josh Mandel has said that its revamped script will be among the most robust in the series.

    This is the game I am most looking forward to, since the people behind it clearly love and understand classic adventure gaming. This is a team of experienced pros, with Al Lowe, Josh Mandel, music from Austin Wintory, and all of the people from N-Fusion.
  • You're being pretty naive if you think some pieces of background art and a few sprite animations mean any kind of major progress. Do you even know what an alpha build is? If they don't have one yet, it means they don't have anything programmed. "The Alpha build is coming!" Ha. I have nothing but respect for Josh Mandel and Al Lowe, but I really have to roll my eyes at a statement like that.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Lambonius;767827 said:
    Do you even know what an alpha build is? If they don't have one yet, it means they don't have anything programmed.
    That's not necessarily the case. An alpha build is simply a work-in-progress build that isn't robust enough to be considered beta (the latter of which, refers to a build that is feature complete (or nearly feature complete), but still has bugs that need to be ironed out).

    A completely playable product can still be branded alpha. Take a look at ResidualVM for example, you could completely play through Grim Fandango with it for over a year without any crashes while it was still in alpha stage (it stayed in alpha simply because it had many glitches and some of the program-specific features didn't work quite right).
  • A single programmed room would be considered an alpha build. Saying the alpha build doesn't exist yet is essentially an admission that there is still a SHITLOAD of work to be done. It's not a statement that should produce optimism at the team's progress.
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    mtnpeak - There are three kinds of people. The glass is half empty, the glass is half full, and the "a glass full of crap? YES SIR! MORE PLEASE" Guess which kind you sound like?

    Don't be naive, I am a member of the forum, and have been since the day they went up. I was one of the guys on reddit that traced the "anonymous" troll accounts that Paul Trowe was using to disparage the Spaceventure kickstarter. It wasn't hard either... the guy used a screen name that traced back to his old myspace account, that had a picture of him on it. Then Paul *actually* tried to pull the whole, "that guy just ooks like me, but it's not me. So then a reverse image search found the same picture on another site directly linked to Trowe.

    My problems with Paul aside, step back and be realistic for a moment. This game was supposedly in production for 6 months before the kickstarter happened. After it cleared kickstarter, 3 months went by with no real updates, and sudenly they drop the developer and totally change gears (yet they have the audacity to blame the delay in the games release on "all that money they got", and how they have to spend it to "add so much more then they planned")

    It is a fact that Paul misled backers by using art and animation cycles from one development team, and after securing 650k in their money, switching to a totally different team. It is a fact that after the new team came on board seven months ago, all they have posted are some backgrounds and basic animations.

    To put that into perspective. Other kickstarters are making games *from scratch*... not simply redrawing a game and adding a little dialogue. They posted more tangible information just in the 30 days they ran their kickstarter. Many of the have release dates not far off from LSL Reloaded.

    It is a fact Josh had to take over updates due to community backlash.

    You say I have mischaracterized the progress of this project, and yet every single thing i have posted is a fact. The best you can do is say they are helpful in the forums and have posted some background art. I never commented on the "friendliness" off the forums, and I would argue that the existence of a few redrawn backgrounds does not constitute some epic level of progress that completely undermines my assertion they they should have a whole hell of a lot more done by now. I could redraw every background in that game in a week if it was my full time job.

    Lets put it into even better context. Our friend BT started his kickstarter after LSL reloaded, and in that time has actually shown a playable game. His game is totally new and actually uses pixel art, which afaiac, is more time consuming. He doesn't have 650k to play with, he doesn't have a studio to hire to make the game for him, and he doesn't have the entire script and outline of a game just handed to him to start from.

    So, if you want to believe that everything is daisies and sunshine over there in LSL Reloaded land, then be my guest. But don't go and rewrite history and try to make it sound like these guys have done any more then they actually have. Telltale has really helpful forums too, that doesn't mean jack shit for the progress of a KQ game, now does it?

    rather than judge the game on what you suspect is there, I will judge it based on that they have actually shown while keeping in mind how long it took them to get to the point of having it to show in the first place.

    The simple way to state this is, game has been going since Oct 2011, and now, 18 months later, they have some redrawn backgrounds, animation cycles, and an announced alpha. Better break out the kazoos, it's celebration time.
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