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GOG Sierra Bundles

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Quest for Glory has finally been released on GOG, all V episodes and both versions of the first QFG.

This finally explains who maintains the ownership for the series. Activision.

Highly recommended for fans of KQ series is Quest for Glory series. It was an RPG/Adventure hybrid series (last game is pure Action-RPG stripped of most adventure aspects). It had a few nods to the KQ series as easter eggs, and like KQ the game took ideas from both fairy tales and myths from around around the world
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    Now that I think about it, KQ in general has a problem with bridles. I mean, who was the first person to figure out you could throw a bridle on the bloody snake in KQ2?

    Cedric isn't having any of this saving snakes and turning them into horses crap. He will be the first one to tell you that snake is poisonous.
  • I must be lucky, the eagle drops the feather 90% of the time for me, the first time I step down the mountain!
    Now that I think about it, KQ in general has a problem with bridles. I mean, who was the first person to figure out you could throw a bridle on the bloody snake in KQ2?

    Ya, very obscure solution... Requiring knowledge of equally obscure series of mythological references... Someone would have to know snakes associations with Medusa, and then put two and two together that Pegasus was in some legends born from the neck of Medusa... Then have to know the story of Belerephon and the magic bridle and flight on Pegasus...

    The series of incredible leaps of logic (six degrees of seperation/myth association) are obscure that the novelized version of the game just says forget it, and Graham is explained to have gone for his sword and accidently tosses the bridle onto the snake! It does explain the associations in the back of the first and second editions though.
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    HAHAH, I love the idea of a guy going to pull a sword and instead grabbing a bridle accidentally... and then going so far as to say, 'Ah... fuck it... I'll just throw it at him".

    How does the novelized version of the story explain the fact that Graham is carrying around a second hand shops worth of items at all time? Goatse is not an acceptable answer.
  • The Hintbooks by Sierra, says they keep the stuff in the same place Superman does! Whatever that means.

    The novels actually mundanely mention that he has knapsack or pack of some kind.

    As for the bridle in the novel, its more like he had the bridle stuck around the sword, and as he pulls it out, it flies of the sword and lands on the snake, LOL. Complete accident! Satire at the expensive of such a convoluted puzzle.
    Of course, he had forgotten about the bridle he stupidly had draped over the sword's hilt. It is through mistakes just as that that dynasties change. But not this time.

    With one swift motion King Graham made to grab the hilt and swing the blade through the air, so to slice the head from the serpent's body. His hand grabbed the bridle's silver bit instead, and still thinking he held a sword, he flicked it through the air. Graham's hand opened in its surprise, and in result, he threw the bridle at the snake by mistake. But instead of the serpent slaying our monarch with its own quick kiss, the bridle magically transformed the serpent into a winged horse. Silver white the horse was, the reigns of the leather bridle now about its neck.

    This also mirrors the solution to a puzzle in described in the novel for the first game, where he draws his sword to slay the dragon (because that's what heroic knights do), and decides use the bucket of water to distract the dragon but accidently throws the water into the dragon's mouth! The embarrased dragon leaves, before he has a chance to defeat it.
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    Is there a novelization of kq4? if so, does she show up on the island, look at the ground, see nothing, and then decide to wander over to the boat and glance at the ground again?

    Also, how many times does she fall down the whales tongue before she gets sick of it and just takes a crap right in his mouth. Believe it or not, at age 10, when i couldn't get up that tongue I got so tried of it that i typed, 'Take crap on whale's tongue'. That should have been an alternate solution.
  • I'd have to check the KQ Companion again, but if I recall
    correctly since it's more from Rosella's perspective, she spots something glistening in the shadows and goes to investigate the boat.

    Then again that's kinda how it works in the game as well, if you tell the game to look at the boat.

    From the game transcript; "You see a glint coming from inside the boat.", "You see a glint coming from one of the wrecked boats on the beach."

    However, this clue may only be in the SCI version and not in the AGI version! Making the puzzle much harder in the AGI version. But I'd have to check to confirm this.

    As for the tongue, it mentions her discovering it was too slippery on one side, and that she could only get handhold by working her way left. It talks about her trying to struggle very slowly inch by inch being careful where she put her hands, and trying not to get tripped up in her dress, since she knew if she slipped at that height, she wouldn't get a second chance.

    King's Quest, and other sierra games now sold as bundles combining the various sets.

    The King's Quest Bundle comes together for $20.97 (30% off of the full price of all 3 bought separately)

    Not bad for a collection that has King's Quest 1-8.

    Now they just need to add the KQ1SCI (and hopefully someday KQ4 AGI).
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    Jennifer Moderator
    Nice. I already grabbed them during the end of the world sale (the only Sierra game I'm still lacking from is SWAT 3), but it's nice they have packs for other games, and that they let you pick up games at a discount even if you already own some in the pack (I'll probably pick up the two Tex Murphy games that I haven't bought yet).
  • LSL collection updated to now include LSL6 SVGA.

    LSL7 now sold separately.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    BagginsKQ wrote: »
    For those who have complaining about it long and hard, PQ1AGI/EGA has now been added to the Police Quest pack at GOG.

    No updates to add KQ1 or SQ1, or LSL6 HD yet though.
    The Leisure Suit Larry (Larry Laffer) saga is now complete on (at least until Larry Reloaded is released). :) You stated this at the KQ sub-forum, so I'll quote you:
    BagginsKQ wrote: »
    LSL collection updated to now include LSL6 SVGA.

    LSL7 now sold separately.

    It's weird to say this, but Codemasters seems to be taking the best care of the Leisure Suit Larry license since Sierra closed. Hopefully they'll just keep the Larry Lovage games a distant memory, and we can all be happy. :)
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