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TT's King's Quest: R.I.P. (aka Really Improbable Project)

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I've heard that they have problems with the Activision's rights. Any TT official news or reference about the game (aside this forum thread) was deleted. They had a placeholder website similar to the Fable one, and it's not available anymore.
The last statement about it was "The genre doesn't need us anymore".
No official comments on the forum aside Mods, the last one being one year old.

Telltale's King's Quest R.I.P.?
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  • AH! The Dashed Dreams of Daventry!

    You all know what happened to Daventry, right? 1,000 years passed and it became Lytton, California.

  • Ah. That's why Graham sounds American.
  • But the news in Lytton, talks about the kingdom of Daventry as if it coexists someplace else!


    "My name is Laura," said the young woman. "And I took your football as evidence in the bonking of one Larry Laffer. But a policeman took it away from me."

    "Thank you," said Rosella. She wasn't sure what a policeman was, but she decided to set out to find one.

    She came across a man in blue. "Have you seen my football, blue knight?" Rosella asked.

    "I'm not a knight, I'm Sonny, a policeman. I took your football for an official investigation. But when we found out Larry Laffer was involved, we decided not to prosecute the bonker. Some guy in a white coat took your football."-From "Rosella's First Quest"
    Which means Lytton and Daventry must coexist in some kind of Time Warp!
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    not to mention that you actively see an assembly line of King Grahams being built under the street in LSL1. Which means.... THEY ARE ALL ROBOTS!

    Wake up Graham!

    Whoah... I know kung fu.
  • Or actors, as Larry discovers the actress portraying Rosella later on.

    Edward and a Unicorn from Daventry was kept in some formaldhyde vats in the Layendecker museum! Graham apparently ended up in Hell to be tormented by skeletons for eternity.

    Under certain circumstance, Whittlin Willie will switch to tell the ballad of King Graham. On a newspaper clipping in the General Store, we learn that King Graham of Daventry was no longer responsible for any debts incurred by his wife Valanice, his son Alexander, or his daughter Rosella.

    Roger Wilco discovered from grafitti in a bathroom that Graham is apparently a crossdresser (perhaps forshadowing Alexander?).

    Graham, Larry, Rosella, Sonny, Roger Wilco, and others all got together to play cards once (Hoyle I)!
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    don't forget Crazy Nicks Software Picks.
  • "King Graham of Daventry was no longer responsible for any debts incurred by his wife Valanice, his son Alexander, or his daughter Rosella."

    Yep, something must have happened to the chest of Gold! Gold hyperinflation?

    No mention of King's Quest, other than by IGN in the first paragraph.
  • Only two parts that might be 'connected'. Ign's mention of KQ at the beginning, and they mention later on that Telltale said it is working on a handful of projects including the Fables "tie-in". Nothing specific about what these other projects happen to be.

    "Beyond The Walking Dead, Telltale also has plenty of projects in active development, including Fables, which was announced nearly two years ago."

    Which it seems they are probably still farther down the pipeline.
  • Walking Dead has had a huge impact on the company as far as how we look at things and how we do what we do.
    I think that says a lot.

    David Cage has kind of gone on our path, which is asking ‘where do we take adventure games from here? How do we evolve it and make it more of a storytelling medium and less of a puzzle-based medium?’

    I don't call that evolution. Why is story so much better than puzzles? They are both equally important to me. This is the basis of my decline of interest from Telltale and why I never liked BTTF.
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