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“Last Survivor” -- Walking Dead / We’re Alive Crossover (Carley is found and saved.)

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This is a crossover fanfic with the “Walking Dead” game and “We're Alive” a podcast show. Those who are not familiar with We’re Alive, it is more like survivors battling the monsters from 28 Days Later and Left 4 Dead than facing the undead in a typical zombie apocalypse movie.

Unfortunately, the characters from We’re Alive are all situated in Los Angeles and I had to move them into Georgia to make this work.

And yes, Carley survives the gunshot in this one. If you don’t like it then write your own story. :p

FF.Net Link: Last Survivors

Feedback is needed. ;)

Chapter One: Wounds

"She... She.... She's dead! Why did she shoot her?"

"Get in! We're leaving this crazy bitch."


"Lee, she's gone. You heard Ben, you can't help her. Get in or do I have to drag you!"

She woke as if coming out of a deep sleep to find herself face down in the dirt.

What happened?

Almost immediately she felt a painful burning sensation in her left cheek and eye. Her head started to throb as she tried to move her limbs.

Shit. I feel like crap. What happened?

Slowly she pushed herself up and that's when she noticed something else was wrong. She couldn't see out of her left eye. It was night but the moon and stars were out and giving off enough light to see out of her right eye but something was wrong with her left.

Fighting down her panic, she reached up and touched the left side of her face. When she pulled her hand back she found it to be covered in blood. Almost shaking in fear now, she looked around to find herself on the side of a long stretch of a road, lined with trees on either side.

How did I get here?

Then she heard them, the slow shuffling of feet through piles of fallen leaves and the bone chilling constant low moaning. Like right out of a foreboding bad dream, three walkers emerged out from the shadows of the trees, heading straight towards her.

Carley rose to her feet to flee but she almost blacked out from the effort. The sudden movement caused new pain to surged through her head, making it feel like it was about to split open.

The walkers closed in on their new prey.

No, get up and move!

Through sheer will and much fear for her life, Carley started to run as best as she could but her aching head made it almost impossible and for some reason her body had so little strength to give. At most, all she could manage was a fast walk down the road. Carley fumbled inside her coat for her gun but came up empty. The situation was growing from bad to worse.

I'm injured, most likely seriously, no weapon and being chased by walkers. Which one will do me in first?

Looking behind, one of the three walkers was actually gaining on her. Carley tried to move faster but every step felt like someone was taking a jackhammer to her already throbbing head.

The fast walker behind her sounded so close now that she didn't dare look back. Exhaustion was overtaking her and Carley started to cry from her good eye. Maybe it would be better to stop running and let it end now than drag this out needlessly.

Then there was a light from behind and the sound of an engine. A vehicle was approaching and it filled Carley with unexpected hope to keep moving. The vehicle was loud as it sped up and swerved around them to pass on her left. Carley looked and her jaw dropped. It was a humvee! An honestly to goodness US military humvee.

Still trying to keep ahead of the pursuing walkers, Carley tried to wave and call to them but she couldn’t catch her breath to shout. Worse, probably in her condition and in the dark they might think she was a walker too. Even in the gloom of night, she could see faces inside the vehicle windows looking out but they were already passing to accelerate away.

With all she had left, Carley finally screamed out. "PLEASE HELP ME!!!"

This caused her head ache even more but it made the humvee screeched to a halt about fifty feet ahead of her. The front side passenger door flew open and a man jumped out. It was too dark to make out his face but the outline of his body showed that he was dressed head to toe in full military combat gear. In his hands, he cradled an assault rifle. At that moment he was the most beautiful sight in the world to Carley.

He took a step towards her as he brought his weapon up. "If you are living, GET DOWN!" The man barked.

Carley almost nodded as she dropped to the hard pavement. An instant later, she heard three loud cracks from his discharging weapon. When her ears stopped ringing seconds later, the moaning of the walkers that had been dogging her from behind had been permanently silenced. Still on her hands and knees and gasping for breath, Carley couldn't stop shaking, unable to believe she was rescued. She then heard more voices coming from the vehicle.

"Watch the tree line!" A powerful and rough older voice commanded. "But shoot only if you have to!"

"I got it!" A much youthful male voice answered back.

Carley then heard people approaching. Lifting her head, she saw the soldier and next to him a woman in plain civilian clothing hurrying to her with flashlights. When they reached her, they shined their lights right into Carley's face, nearly blinding her. Her two would be rescuers actually paused in shock which scared Carley.

How bad are my injuries?

For a moment she feared they would turn around and abandon her.

"Please, don't leave me." Her plead was feeble and weak but she nearly at the end of her rope, her strength fading and she was terrified of dying out here alone.

The woman snapped out of it first and spoke with a gentle French accent. "We won’t." She knelt down next to her, taking Carley's hand into hers before turning to the soldier. "Angel, help me."

However, the soldier still hesitated before kneeling down before Carley, studying her damaged face with his flashlight.

“Wait.” He was more professional sounding and asked Carley direct. “Were you bitten?”

“I don’t know…” Carley muttered. She couldn’t remember what happened to her, her headache was getting even worse. “I was with a group at this motel and we were attacked by bandits. We escaped but… everything is a blank after that. Help me… please… please…”

Angel nodded and looked to the French woman. “Riley, this looks like a messy gunshot wound and not a bite. Let’s chance it.”

I was shot? I need a mirror to see how bad it is.

From the humvee, the young voice called to them. "I would hurry you two! We're doubled park and I'm seeing a ton of movement in the trees!"

Riley and Angel each took an arm and helped Carley to their vehicle and quickly placed her in the back. All the way to the humvee, Carley was almost delirious with gratitude, thanking them over and over. She wanted to kiss them.

Inside, Carley collapsed into her seat in a mixture of relief and exhaustion as the French woman took her place next to her on her right. To Carley’s left a large and older man with no hair and a grey beard, dressed in civilian cloths climbed in.

To the front, Angel hurried around into the passenger seat as the driver slide back behind the wheel pulling a pair of night vision goggles from his face. He turned back to them and he was a young black man, dressed in full combat gear like Angel.

"How is our..." He stopped when he looked at Carley and saw her face and nearly exclaimed. “Holy... Is she going to be all right?”

Carley could barely keep her good eye open now. On second thought, I don’t want that mirror.

"Just drive Saul." The French woman said urgently, as she reached in the back compartment for the first aid kit. “Burt, help me dress her wound.”

The older man leaned in closer to help Riley tend to Carley’s damaged face before saying in a gruff voice. “Radio ahead and warn them we have wounded coming in.”

“I’m already on it.” Angel said.

The humvee pulled away as dozens of walkers piled out onto the road from the forest. They mindlessly tried to follow the military vehicle as its taillights grew smaller into the night before disappearing around a bend in the road.

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  • Thanks for the update!
  • Awesome job on this chapter, and with Lee and Carley kissing.

    I knew Chad couldn't be trusted. Micheal better give him whats coming to him. I really hope Lee and his friends make it through this.
  • As always,great chapter :D
  • In my opinion you are wasting your talent.
  • Chapter 13: Desperate Measures

    Lizzy was helping Doctor Cottle get situated in his (hopefully) temporary new medical facility on the second floor. No telling how soon someone here might require medical attention and it’ll be no good if the doctor can’t find what he needs.

    Suddenly, Saul rushed into the room carrying Clementine. He quickly plopped the little girl right down next to Lizzy.

    “I need you to watch her.” He said hurriedly.

    Lizzy was more than a little surprised. “Saul?”

    “No time to explain,” The young soldier told her before suddenly asking. “Do you have a gun?”

    “Yes, Burt armed all of us,” Lizzy reply becoming more worried. “You’re scaring me, Saul. What is happening?”

    “Chad finally went and did something stupid. He took Pegs as a hostage and is trying to escape and I have to get out there and help Michael.”


    Up in the bird’s house, Kelly was surveying the surrounding countryside as Angel focused on the mass of oncoming walkers. Someone detonated explosives to draw those walkers here and they must be watching.

    The noise made by thousands of approaching walkers was also becoming louder. Plenty soon it might be hard to hear themselves think. It was then Kelly finally glanced down at the garage the area and saw some unusual activity.

    “Angel,” Kelly asked. “Has Michael authorized anyone to leave the Nest?”

    Angel was still observing the walkers with his binoculars, wishing he could call in an artillery strike. “No. Why?”

    “Because we have people at the garage and they’re loading up two of our SUV’s.”

    “What?” Angel moved next to Kelly and stared down at the sight of people moving quickly, placing boxes of what looked like MREs and canned goods in the back. “No, that doesn’t look suspicious at all.” He said sarcastically.

    He started to reach for his radio when Kelly pointed to two figures exiting the mansion and heading towards the garage. “There’s Chad and Pegs.”


    Pegs walked nervously alongside Chad, worried of what he might do to her. Regardless of her fears, she was thankful that he didn’t spot Clementine or he would have had two hostages instead of one.

    Chad was holding her pistol in his coat pocket and threatened to use it if she didn’t remain cooperative.

    Moving causally from the mansion doors and towards the garage area, Chad ordered softly.

    “Look over your shoulder and see if the lookouts have seen us.”

    Pegs peered over her shoulder and much to her relief, Kelly and Angel were looking right at her but how can she signal them?

    “Yes.” She whispered.

    “Then wave at them and be your ridiculous bubbly self.” Chad ordered. They just needed a few more minutes to make their escape and he hoped having Pegs along would reduce any suspicion.

    Pegs waved to them and gave a low but friendly. “Hi!”


    “Why is Pegs with him?” Angel asked. They two were far from being friends.

    “Beats me but the people loading the vehicles are all from Chad’s camp.” Kelly observed. “Something is up.”

    “I’ll radio Michael and see what is going on.”

    “Wait, Angel!” Kelly grabbed his hand away from his radio. “Look at Peg’s right hand.”

    Angel could see Pegs holding her right hand behind her back as they walked away from them. Lifting his binoculars to his eyes, Angel could clearly see Peg’s right hand against her back. She held it in a closed fist, with only her index finger extended and thumb raised to from a classic gesture of a gun. It can’t be mistaken for anything else, Pegs was indicating that she was in trouble.

    “Shit,” Angel cursed and with an undead army coming right at them. Leave it to Chad to make matters worse.

    “It’s too risky to radio Michael if Chad or someone in his group is listening.” Kelly warned.

    She was right and it would take too long to climb down from the tower and alert Michael in person. He desperately looked around before spotting Carley and Lee who were slowly walking from her station at the wall. Grabbing the cocking bolt to his rifle, he ejected a single round into the palm of his hand before throwing it down to them to get their attention.


    They were walking back to the mansion when Carley turned to him and asked.

    “Lee, I need to know something, was Lilly right? Was there a traitor in our group?”

    Lee knew this question would arrive sooner or later and he thought about it. However, he still wasn’t sure how he would answer her. Ben was indeed the one who was secretly giving their medical supplies to the bandits and Carley defended Ben against Lilly’s accusations and was shot and almost killed for her trouble.

    What will he say to her? Carley may not appreciate knowing that she almost died protecting the man who was the actual traitor. Ben might have been a fuckup but he was also a scared young man and Lee didn’t like speaking ill of the dead. He remembered Ben’s final dying moments in that alleyway with walkers closing in, while Kenny defended him to the last. Ben was always terrified of the walkers getting him.

    And all he could do was helplessly watch.

    “Carley, I…”

    Suddenly, something small, cylindrical in shape and metallic looking landed right in front of them. It was a bullet. Immediately they both cranked their necks upwards the bird house to find Angel looking down at them gesturing towards the east, to the front of the Nest’s grounds and the garage area.

    Lee wondered why Angel wasn’t using the radio when he raised his hand to his chin, almost cupping it. Lee didn’t understand the meaning of Angel’s gesture but Carley did.

    “We have a hostage situation.” She said, readying her rifle. .

    “How do you know?”

    “They taught me hand basic hand signals to communicate to each other to help maintain silence out in the field. Coming?”

    Lee drew his pistol. “I’m right beside you.”

    As they moved forward, Carley quietly made sure that she had Lee on her left because of her lack of peripheral vision on that side. Rounding the corner of the building, they saw people at the garage area readying two vehicles.

    “I don’t like this.” A puzzled Lee said.

    Carley glanced up to the bird house and saw both Angel and Kelly were monitoring them. Angel made eye contact with her and quickly held his hand up to form the letter C. Not sure what he was trying to tell her, Carley continued to advance when from the south side of the house, Riley appeared. Apparently Angel managed to alert her too.

    This made Carley feel better. She wasn’t crazy about confronting a large group of people but five on ten wasn’t completely one sided especially with Angel and Kelly holding the high ground from the bird house.

    Finally, she started recognizing some of the faces at the garage area and soon knew what Angel meant by the letter C when she finally spotted Pegs.


    Chad was helping to load the first vehicle when he looked over his shoulder and realized that Michael’s people were onto them. He glared over at Pegs. “Stall them.”

    “How?” Pegs was still nervous even though she succeeded in signalling for help.

    “Just talk or I will order everyone to start shooting.” He hissed at her.

    “You wouldn’t.”

    “We have nothing left to loose.” Chad warned.

    Pegs saw he wasn’t bluffing and she didn’t what anyone getting killed. Forcing a smile, she turned to Carley and Lee who were approaching with Riley not far behind.

    “Hi. Is something wrong?”

    Carley and Lee stopped about thirty feet away, suspiciously eyeing the activity before them. “What is going Pegs?” Carley asked.

    “Nothing,” Pegs said quickly. “Michael thought we should have a backup plan in case the worse should happen.”

    Lee saw that Chad wasn’t even looking at them and Pegs appeared to be afraid to leave his side. Then his worries shifted to Clementine because Pegs was supposed to be watching her.

    “Where’s Clementine?” He demanded worriedly. If Chad did something to her…

    “She’s not here, she might be inside.”

    Lee’s concern for Clementine and Pegs grew. He had to try and get Pegs away from Chad. “It’s kind of hard to hear you, Pegs.” He lied. “Why don’t you come over here and talk to us.”

    “No,” Pegs answered. “I’m going to help them load up. Just… go inside, please.”

    Carley didn’t like this either and Pegs looked even more nervous. She repeated Lee’s words to her as she tightened her grip on her rifle. “Pegs, please walk over here.”

    They were onto them, Chad realized. He knew this might happen but he was going to see this through. In one quick move, he grabbed Pegs, pulling her in front of him while holding his gun to her head.

    “Just stay back!” Chad shouted.

    Instantly, Lee, Carley and Riley lifted their weapons, while up in the bird house, Angel and Kelly took aim with their rifles. Just as quickly, Chad people pointed their weapons back at them.

    It was at that moment, Michael and Burt exited the mansion main doors with their own weapons held at the ready.

    “Chad!” Michael yelled. “Tell your people to lower their weapons before this gets out of hand.”

    “It’s already out of hand,” Chad said, still holding Pegs at gun point, keeping her in front of him like a human shield. “Can’t you hear them? The walkers are almost here and we have to get out of here.”

    Michael and Burt continued to advance until they were standing between Riley, Lee and Carley.

    “Is that what you want, to leave and run away? Abandon ship at the first sign of trouble. Well, it’s not going to be that easy.” Michael said in disgust while glancing at Pegs who looked terrified. He had to suppress his concern for her.

    “And not with my guns you are not.” Burt grumbled, determined to get them back even it meant prying them from their cold dead hands.

    “Are you prepared to shot me?” Chad challenged them. “Go ahead and shoot and see what happens when those walkers hear the gunfire.”

    Michael eyes kept going back to Pegs and the gun pointed to her head. He kept hearing the moans and grunts of the walkers at they drew closer. Everyone he was responsible for was in danger and he needed them to be focused on their current problem and this distraction against Chad was going to get them all killed.

    Worse, Chad was spot on about the risk of gunfire drawing the walkers to them. Chad knew this and would use it to his full advantage. Damn him!

    “Burt,” Michael said in a calm voice. “Move the humvee and open the gate.”

    “Are you nuts!” Burt shouted. “On top of taking my guns, do you realize how much of our supplies they may have packed away in those vehicles?”

    “I have an idea what they took and it’s worth it to be rid of them.” Michael replied under his voice. He did a quickly calculation in his head as to how much those vehicles interior space could carry with passengers. Honestly, they might come out ahead if they would just let them leave. “And Chad is right on one point, we can’t risk a gunfire fight, not with walkers this close, can we Burt?”

    The ex-marine was red with rage but Michael was right. A single gunshot might doomed them all. “I can’t believe we’re letting that fucker get away with this.”

    “I know but we need to keep our eyes on the bigger picture and for this place to remain safe,” Michael lowered his rifle. “Okay, Chad you and your followers want to leave then you’re free to go but know this, there will be no coming back once your clear those gates. I will issue orders to have you shot on sight if we see you again.”

    Chad was a little stunned, expecting more resistance but he won. “Don’t worry, you won’t see us again.”

    “Now, let her go.” Michael ordered, pointing to Pegs.

    Chad shook his head. “Not until we’re out of the gates.”

    “You said a gunshot would draw in the walkers,” Michael reminded him. “We won’t try to stop you. Let her go and we’ll open the gates.”

    Chad hesitated and Michael said calmly, knowing he had the advantage this time if Chad wanted out. “You’re running out of time.”

    With a dark frown, Chad pushed Pegs towards them. “Then open the damn gates.”

    “I’m sorry Michael.” Pegs whispered as she approached him. “He took me by surprise.”

    “I know,” He replied softly, gently guiding her behind him. “It’s not your fault. Just stand behind us. Burt, open the gate.”

    Lee was watching the events quietly. He definitely didn’t care much about Chad but he was concern about some of the people that were following him. He finally decided to speak up.

    “You can’t be serious in letting them all go.” Lee said to Michael.

    “I can’t stop them.” Michael replied. In fact he was a little relieved.

    “It’s a death sentence.” Lee said before addressing Chad and the others as they finished readying their two vehicles. “You can’t go out there.”

    “What do you know,” Chad scoffed. “Unlike you, we won’t have some child being a burden to us.”

    “What do I know?” Lee spoke angrily, lowering his gun. “I have been out there surviving day after day and through the damn winter! And that ‘little girl’ pulled her own weight more times than I can count. Do you even have a plan?!!”

    “We’re going to head west and leave this state.” Chad replied.

    “You’re going to flee to Alabama?” Lee said in disbelief. “What makes you think its any better? Are you expecting everything to magically improve as soon as you cross the state line?”

    “Anything is better than here.” Chad dismissed his concerns.

    “There is nothing out there!!!” Lee shouted. “Living on the road will kill you all! We need to stick together!”

    By then, Burt was in the humvee starting it up before putting it in reverse clearing the gate.

    “Everyone, get in.” Chad ordered.

    “The sun is setting,” Lee pointed out. “How are you going to get through the night?”

    Suddenly, that got a few of Chad’s people to pause and perhaps to reconsider their escape plan. Chad realized it was a good argument and he had to nip any self-doubt in the bud. He turned to Lee and replied back confidently. “How are you going to get through the night with 10,000 walkers swarming this place?” Then he addressed his people. “If you what to live, then get into the vehicles.”

    Lee watched helplessly as Chad led his group, eight people possibly to their deaths as they climbed into the two vehicles. Then he felt a gentle hand slipping into his and Lee looked and saw Carley by his side. Her caring gaze focused on him as she said in sympathy.

    “You tried.”

    Leaving the humvee, Burt now checked the gate. They had the bars covered with a tarp so no walker can look inside and be drawn by the sight of people moving within the compound grounds. After peering outside and seeing the coast was clear for the moment, he opened the gate.

    The vehicles started up just as Saul stepped outside the building with several others in tow.

    “What happened?” Saul demanded as he watched the two vehicles driving through the gate with Burt quickly closing it behind them but not before giving Chad’s group a parting middle finger.

    “We let them go.” Michael said.

    “You let those fuckers go?” Saul exclaimed.

    “Yes and weren’t you supposed to be watching Clementine?” Michael replied firmly.

    “She’s safe with Lizzy and Dr. Cottle,” Saul answered angrily as the sound of the approaching walkers grew louder. “Seriously, what the fuck are we going to do now?”

    “We’re going with Burt’s plan.” Michael said. “It’s all we have left.”


    From the driver’s seat in the lead vehicle, Chad glanced into the rear view mirror as they left the Nest farther behind them. It was almost dark as they headed south away from the horde, it was the only road that was available to them now.

    He couldn’t believe they got away with it as easily they did. He always considered Michael to be a fool and Burt an idiot. Always trying to save or give aid to anyone who came along. They definitely couldn’t make the hard choices but he could. He would have left Carley, Lee and that kid to rot if he had found them. They’re just extra mouths to feed and having a nine year old girl was next to useless in contributing to their survival.

    He’d keep driving south to the next turn off before heading west. It can’t be like this everywhere. There has to be a safe area and he’d lead his people to it.

    Chad considered the state of Georgia to be dead in every sense of the word. They’d had no radio communication with anyone in months, so they had to leave and get out of the area and find another place to restart.

    Fuck Michael, fuck Burt and fuck the rest of them who had decided to stay in that death trap of a mansion. One thing is for sure, he’d out last those fools and that would be his revenge.

    Instantly, the windshield to his vehicle cracked, shattered by a single bullet that went straight into his chest, striking his heart.

    Michael never liked this section of road to the south and ordered everyone to avoid it whenever possible. It was too hilly and closed in with too many trees and hiding spots for ambushes, which was happening now.

    From both sides of the road, weapons fire erupted, ripping into the two lone vehicles. The leading vehicle with the driver now dead, drifted into the ditch while the second one came to a stop and tried to go into reverse which made it an easier target for those few seconds. More bullets exploded out the side windows as the driver tried to escape by backing up but only succeeding in driving off the road and into the ditch just a hundred feet away.

    More bullets peppered the vehicles before someone up in the hills shouted. “Cease fire!”

    All was silent before a dozen figures emerged onto the road to inspect their latest capture. They first checked the bodies of the bullet ridden passengers in both vehicles before putting a bullet to their heads. Still alive or dead, it didn’t matter.

    Only then did they begin inspecting the vehicles to see what they were carrying. While this was happening, about half of them formed a protective ring against any approaching walkers.

    “Jackpot!” The bandit leader said as they started plundering the two vehicles cargo. “Guns, ammo and food. Get the trucks and let’s load it up while we have some daylight left.”

    “I told you this would work and it did,” An
  • I gotta say, I did not expect to see the bandits again, but at least it does explain the explosions that brought all those walkers to the mansion and Chad got what he deserved. You know what they say; Karma's a bitch. I also liked the part where Lee went on his rant at him.

    I'm now curious to know how Carley will react when Lee tells her that Ben was the traitor.
  • When will the next chapter be ready ?
  • Good writing. Well made chapters bro.
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