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Do you think Clem could shoot her parents

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Do you think if a opportunity presented itself that Clementine knowing that her parents are walkers she being able to shoot them and put them out of there misery or do u think she would run away for ever leaving them as walkers.?
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  • I think that after seeing them as Walkers, yes. She'd probably only do it if they were coming towards her and she had her gun pointed, and she'd be obviously very traumatized throughout, but I believe she would do it, just like she shot the Walkers near Molly and The Stranger (and possibly Lee), only they'd be her parents...
  • Maybe that would all depend on if you ahd her shoot Lee. I did, and she also killed Campman in my game just a few minutes earlier, so I have no doubt that she could do it, heart-wrenching and soul-destroying as it may be.
  • Well I think so, but they are in the middle of a huge fucking zombie horde, so that might not be such a good idea.
  • I think she couldn't at least my Clem the way I educated her, it was hard for he to shoot Lee, now imagine... it's her parents, no she couldn't I don't think she could.
  • she'd probably wait until they were starting to turn, then she would shoot.
  • Yes, because their are already dead, and she know that.
  • Depends on what Lee taught her. :P

    Honestly I don't think she could do it. Lee was hard enough but to shoot the people who you loved for years, who always looked after you? No, I think she would just run away and if that's not possible, die.
  • Yes, she practically saw Lee as a parent, but she was able to shoot him. She actually seemed much more upset about Lee dying than her dead parents (maybe she subconsciously knew that they were dead).
  • It would be a last resort. I mean Clem in an Alley trapped by them two. And then she would cry for a day.
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