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Generic 'Telltale should make...' thread

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Was this ever discussed as a potential license? The book series is immensely popular and I guess the license isn't too expensive since the TV series bombed. The stories contain quite a bit of detective work and therefore could probably easily adapted into a computer game, probably as a kind of side story to the ongoing story arc - I mean, there are tons of novellas and short stories already.
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  • What about a Batman TTG game? I think it would be great.
  • If its 1960's Adam West Batman I am in!
  • Is anyone a fan of the tv series Sons of Anarchy? It's a great show with drama, action, some dark humor, and a huge cast of well-developed characters. The creator, Kurt Sutter, has been trying to get the ball rolling on a SoA game for a year or so. He wanted Rockstar to do it but apparently that fizzled out. I really think Telltale could have a great spin on SoA.

    I don't mean to imply that it would be identical to TWD in terms of gameplay mechanics. But I think the foundation of what Telltale has done with TWD would serve SoA well. An SoA game could maybe have branching storylines, allowing the player to choose with issues and tasks to deal with first. Character relationships would be the heart of the game, like in TWD, with both fellow club members and rival or partner clubs.

    It would allow some action sequences as well. Maybe you can choose how to deal with certain situations - go in with guns blazing, or negotiate a compromise. Start a firefight and people trust you less, but at the same time you advance to your goal more quickly.

    LOL I'm basically describing a variant on the Rockstar formula, but I'd envision Telltale doing something that's a two parts TWD, one part La Noire, and one part GTA.

    I've probably typed too much, but I really, really believe Telltale and Sons of Anarchy would be a match made in heaven.
  • A spaghetti western version of Skyrim.
  • coolsome;767757 said:
    A spaghetti western version of Skyrim.
    I'd play that so hard.
  • A psychological horror story, with all the twists and turns like in “Jacob’s Ladder” or “Hide and Seek."
  • Something involving H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Noname215;768203 said:
    Something involving H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos.
    They already did that...
  • der_ketzer;768238 said:
    They already did that...
    In what?
  • Noname215;768245 said:
    In what?
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