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Tips about development of season 2

posted by computeteen5 on - last edited - Viewed by 434 users
I have a few tips for the Telltale Games team regarding the development of season 2.
1. If you haven't already realized this, season 2 should be released as a borrowing dlc.
Example: WalkingDead201.exe reads season 2 episode 1 from the pack folder. All shared models between the seasons are in Pack\Shared to minimize download times.
2. As seen in 1, you can share common files between the seasons.
3. You should allow opening of ttarch files from all games with an official tool for mod developers.
4. Add hdr to graphics settings instead of having it forced
5. Add a hidden "cheat" screen that allows you to change major desicions from season 1 should. That be required
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  • There's only one major problem I could think of coming from that. You said "all shared models between the seasons are in Pack\Shared to minimize download times." It makes sense and all, but that would also have it's flaws. If you noticed over the course of the game, the characters changed throughout the episodes, so having the pre-determined models would people would know what's going to happen to those characters, hence ruining the game.

    Unless I am reading your comment wrong, that's what I am getting from it.
  • Your argument is flawed. These shared models would be in the ttarch format. Unless someone was digging for the creation of a mod they wouldn't open those files. As an added security measure, Telltale Games could create a hexadecimal code for naming the models. Simple in reality, but crackable by developers.
  • I disagree. Revamp everything, including the models and launcher. I love the first season, but the last thing I want is an expansion pack.
  • computeteen your logic is a bit flawed cos so far the only character model required is clem, possibly omid, christa, and the boat thieves...

    kinda makes it pointless to use old models... if there is a time jump thye would of course be wearing different clothes and probably look 'older'

    then there's mods to the engine ttg make to help it look and run better so an old model may not be compatable or work properly with those changes..

    and at the end of the day how much difference will a few megabytes make ?
  • The idea doesn't really make sense actually.

    First of all you would need a routine to determine wether any episode of season 1 is installed, this routine would then need to check if any relevant data is on disk already and cut it from the dowload package, which would need to be a standalone by default anyways. Especially interesting would be the case where a player uninstalls season 1 after he installed season 2, rendering both versions unplayable... or another routine.

    Now thinking about the game being multiplatform, this would turn out to be an utter mess.

    It's what Milo says really...
    Milosuperspesh;769839 said:
    and at the end of the day how much difference will a few megabytes make ?
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