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Purgatory Theory (Spoilers)

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I was challenged once to prove that it was possible to critically analyse a video game based on thematic and aesthetic elements. So I basically wanted to share my essay in a video format and encourage discussion on a 'fan theory' I devised.

If your interested in check out my idea, here's the video (contains HEAVY SPOILERS):

Bare in mind I've never made a video like this before but I was hoping to start analysing video games and The Walking Dead game inspired me to create theories.

But this is by no means what the developers intended nor is it me attempting to say this is what it's about. I'm instead presenting an alternative way to view the game's narrative. As a result, I hope to see if people who replay the game can add to the 'purgatory theory' - the notion that Lee Everett never left the crash site and instead only exists to guide Clementine towards a future in the post-pandemic world.

I know the idea is quite abstract, but bare in mind it's a personal and quirky way of looking at storytelling in video games.
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  • zev_zev;767681 said:
    I don't understand, am I the only one who was't chained Lee handcuffed in the ending?
    i was so distracted by Lee teaching Clementine how to survive that i didn't realise that you could handcuff Lee
  • Fantastic. I am an atheist but damn.
  • montesinos7;767718 said:
    Fantastic. I am an atheist but damn.
    really interesting video though
  • I didn;t handcuff Lee at first. I didn;t even think, when they showed his hands, that the handcuffs could be used on him. "What, am I gonna handcuff Lee? That's stupid, why would they put that in there..." Needless to say, I do it every time I play that scene now.
  • In terms of those who are atheist, I wish to respect religion by noting this is NOT a biblical theory. I've not inferring to any christian values etc instead using the doctrine of 'purgatory' to craft the notion of hope and external guidance. I myself don't hold any religious beliefs but the idea to expand how we as viewers read whats on screen.

    But again, thanks for all the feedback! :)
  • Great video, I always love hearing these intricate theories about games/films/novels that I wouldn't have even thought of otherwise, especially these more symbolic ones. Even though it probably wasn't Telltale's intent, it's hard to argue with all those parallels and makes one wonder just how much they DID intend to be noticed like that. Definitely going to keep this in mind and look for more clues next time I play through.

    And for what it's worth, I'm American and didn't have any trouble understanding you. :)
  • Waho! I think you really argued conclusively, plus I like the accent. ;)
    Do you know Bioshock 1?
  • Well, if there ever was a game made to be analysed, it´s Spec Ops: The Line *wink wink*.
  • Believe it or not, I actually have Bioshock, Red Dead, Far Cry 3 and Spec Ops on my list to analysis in the future. Thanks for all the support, I'm working on a bit of a gaming channel now so I hope to do a few more critical videos once I get some short ones done.
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