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Walking Fan Art of the DEAD..

posted by Irishmile on - last edited - Viewed by 453.7K users
One of the things I love the most about this community is the fan art and creativity when a new game is coming up and in between episodes...

OK lets see that fan art...

I will kick it off..... SWP suggested making ourselves as Zombies... so here is me as a zombie... I can say the art style of the books/game is harder to imitate than it looks...

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  • xsstreem;768697 said:

    nice work :P
  • (theme)


    i decided to finish my terminator/the walking dead crossover/comparison
  • here is my fan art of clementine that i did in pencil
  • Dorimacus;769782 said:
    here is my fan art of clementine that i did in pencil
  • wow, this thread has died quite so...
  • Typicaldavid;793466 said:
    wow, this thread has died quite so...
    Well, maybe when Season 2 comes around it will fire back up again.
  • Havocbeast;654528 said:
    What really happened in the meat locker.

    Get the allspark to his chest Kenny.
  • First off: Amazing work everyone, really inspired me to do something myself.
    As I am not that talented in drawing, I chose to do something I can do better:

    Lee with a AUG (reference to the Governor ;) ) and a Raging Bull revolver
    and a badass look in his face.

    Carley with her signature weapon the Glock 17. You know, don't fuck with a reporter, especially if she's 3 days out of her last coffee...


    Clem with a Beretta (no face anim version, as I couldn't make the face anim look not-weird, will try harder next time.)

    Masterlegodude (Steam): Porting Larry_G's guns from an older Gmod
    Version to the one out now.
    Larry_G (and others from fps banana): Creating the used guns in the first place

    NikouT (Steam): Porting Telltale's models to Gmod

    Telltale Games: Creating the models in the first place

    The creator of Gmod: For creating Gmod, the game used in
    order to take those screens.

    Myself: Putting the objects into place, as seen in
    the screens.

    If I forgot to mention someone, I apologize, and please let me know.

    This was just them taking a stand, but I will try to make some other things as well, maybe little animations, gunfights, campfires, I've got so many ideas, hopefully I can create something cool with them. But how do you all like those screens?
  • Here is a pencil drawn picture of Lee, Clementine and Carley in the winter that I have recently found.

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