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The "whatever's on your mind" thread

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One of the things that's great about this forum is its randomness. Well, this is the epitome of it: a thread for whatever random thought happens to be passing through your mind.

For example, I've just been struck by the most random craving for Taco Bell nachos.
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  • coolsome;768955 said:
    You could try talking to him online with the anomonity and the abilty to plan and proof read what you want to say would help you say what you couldn't in person.
    There's no guarantee of a response, and it can be hard to get in-depth online. I doubt Ron wants to respond to a book, which is what I would write.

    Who would want to read a book made up of questions?
  • I’ve met Ron Gilbert. He’s very talkative.

    As for other celebrities, I’ve met (or have come very close to meeting) the following:

    Harrison Ford
    Jeff Ross
    Bruce Campbell (me visiting L.A.)
    Billy Gibbons (airplane)
    Lemony Snicket (he went to the same middle school as me)
    Clint Eastwood (leaving the set of “Hereafter”)
    Sammy Hagar (The San Francisco Zoo)
    Robin Williams (Union Square, pretty sure he lives in SF)
    George Lucas
    Steven Spielberg (walking in Golden Gate Park)
    Huey Lewis (met him in Marin County)
    James Rolfe, aka The Angry Video Game Nerd (he was looking at Vertigo locations)
    Rob Schneider (he was born in SF)
  • I bet you have stories then.

    I've met or spoken with:
    Ron Gilbert
    Tim Schafer and the Double Fine Team
    The Telltale Guys
    Hideo Kojima
    Gary Whitta

    Celebrities I've spoken with online:
    Matt (Two Best Friends Play)
    Benzaie (a celebrity?)
    Film Brain (a celebrity?)
    John Romero
    Bill Tiller

    And I have friends on the forum I've met or know personally:

    And friends I've not met but know personally:
    Rather Dashing
    Comrade Pants

    Celebrities I've pissed off personally by being an asshole, causing myself eternal shame:
    Bill Tiller (Curse of Monkey Island, A Vampyre Story)
    John Romero (DOOM)
  • Ooh, we're playing the name-dropping game?

    Bill Nye
    J.K. Rowling
    extended time with John de Lancie (I was in a play that he directed)
    Jackie Chan
    George Lucas
    Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Johnny Depp
    The Dalai Lama
    Tamora Pierce
    Christopher Paulini
    Seth MacFarlane
    Brian Jacques

    Yeah, and George Clooney came to my school, but I missed him.

    I'm probably missing a few.
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    der_ketzer;768749 said:
    the word you are looking for is interactive movie.
    Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the idea that an interactive movie is "not a game". If you played ludo with a bunch of friends, you'd go for quite a while without taking a turn, your interactivity is definitely very limited and STILL it's uncontestedly a game.

    That's just some kind of defamatory re-naming. Which I do not condone, but understand to a degree - as it is meant to backseat drive Telltale in a direction I'd probably like better than the present endeavors.
    Jennifer;768757 said:
    That definition doesn't work for The Walking Dead. It's a casual adventure game with action elements. The adventure style puzzles and inventory are there, they're just not too challenging, making it a casual adventure.

    An interactive movie would be something like Dragon's Lair. There's definitely moments requiring thought in The Walking Dead, rather than just reflexes.
    I think it was even Dan who suggested calling BTTF an "easy adventure", which would be about the worst name for a "new genre" I could think of. ;)

    In German forums, I have repeatedly suggested to call TWD an adventure game without thinking twice about the matter. But then the fighting starts, because people would love to project their own personal definition of the genre to every gamer alive. Fact is: the adventure genre isn't really defined as such and we unfortunately don't catch a glimpse of where its boundaries might lie when people utter the meaningless phrase: "That's not an adventure anymore". Still, the only halfway worthwhile definition I have ever seen was not one of a "core concept" of the adventure genre, but instead mostly an enumeration of which gaming elements are absent!

    We could go on for ages defining what an "adventure is", but we would only do it to classify certain games as not belonging because we have somehow once decided that we like adventure games so by definition, game concepts we do not like can not be adventure games.

    To better Telltale's future games, that would not be constructive. In fact, it's pretty daft.

    I'd rather have a meaningful discussion about where TWD failed in its concept of interactivity. And, without any judgement, I think there are quite some areas where even the designers' self-imposed interactivity ideas DID fail.

    We could even make a thread that says "registration 2010 or earlier required" so only ye olde community participates. But we'd rather not put this in TWD forums, this kind of exclusivity isn't exactly welcoming.
  • I... I apparently talked to the guy who made FTL on Omegle once...
    (That was a great conversation. Though I pretty much dominated it by blabbering on about Super Punchout, (I analysed that game earlier that day and wanted to share my findings))
    And I did hang out on the Zombie Cow forum for a little while so I did talk to the Zomboid guys and Dan a little, (though Dan is a bit of a pretentious dick though tbh)

    Kinda jealous of you guys.
    (I was also jealous of the FTL guy because he had actually met those guys. (He also agreed that Dan was a bit of a dick! XD))
    But I hope one day I could make something good enough to get recognition from my heroes. :)
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    Jennifer Moderator
    I met Weird Al.

    Embarrassingly, I was in the front row at the concert and he tripped over my feet. o_O

    I didn't mention that when I talked to him after the performance, and he didn't bring it up either, so either he didn't know it was me or he was very polite.
  • Obligatory first post via new electronic device. :)
  • Jennifer;768990 said:
    I met Weird Al.

    Embarrassingly, I was in the front row at the concert and he tripped over my feet. o_O

    I didn't mention that when I talked to him after the performance, and he didn't bring it up either, so either he didn't know it was me or he was very polite.
    Weird Al's an awesome guy. Even when he's mad, it's more tongue in cheek, "did Weird Al just rip into me? That's FANTASTIC!". I've met Dave Mustaine a few times. Good guy. He just went a little crazy with the whole finding God, supporting Bush, and then buying into the government conspiracy thing recently. Yeah. Like Jon Schaffer, I really wouldn't mind NOT talking to them again.

    By the way, what I'm thinking right now... FUCK the users on Kotaku.
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    Not the best panorama job, boy do I wish I was back here.
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