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Four in February

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I know people don't like me linking to Kotaku, but there's an interesting post there about a 'Four in February' initiative. Here's the page link

In short, the idea behind 'Four in February' is to finish four games in February.

...and that's it.

It's basically just a simple drive to get people to finish four games they've been meaning to get round to. No actual rules, just pick four games and do your damnedest to finish them all.

I've already picked my four, so I'll list 'em here.

- Halo: Combat Evolved - Anniversary Edition (XBox 360 - never got past the Library in the original version, so it'll be interesting to see if I can do it this time)
- Fable: The Lost Chapters (on Steam, since I picked it up and promptly did nothing with it)
- Ratchet & Clank 3 (from the PS3 trilogy - despite finishing the PS2 version I never got round to the PS3 one despite it being the best of the trilogy)
- Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Steam again. HATED this game first time round, but I want to see how hilariously bad the story is).

And if I finish all four, I'll celebrate by playing The Force Unleashed II. *shudder*

So yeah, that's Four in February. Anyone else feel like joining in?
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  • Ok so i have decided to change my list.

    Lego Batman 2
    Sly 3
    Jak 3
    Family Guy Back to the Multiverse
  • Having played...

    (checks Steam page)

    ...2 hours of Fable, I can safely say I will almost definitely not be going back to it. So, uh, List Change!

    - Fable: The Lost Chapter - Abandoned
    - Halo: Anniversary Edition
    - Lego Lord of the Rings
    - Ratchet & Clank 3 - Completed!
    - Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

    EDIT: Lego LotR just crashed on me. For no reason. Right before the end of a level.

    ...this is going to hurt.

    EDIT2: OK, I'm not playing it again until I can figure out how to stop Steam from automatically trying to enable Big Picture mode while I'm playing. Having my game interrupted by 190 messages (not even kidding) telling me I can't enable Big Picture mode is just bullshit.

    EDIT3: Oh, it's because I'm using an XBox controller. Well, that's just ridiculous.
  • Maybe I should take this opportunity to get the Ultima II monkey off my back. Played it in February of 2007, got to the final castle but found I needed to "level up" a bit more first. I probably would have done it but I was visiting my mom at the time so would no longer have access to that computer. The whole game including save files is still waiting for me on my Gmail account.......
  • Working on L.A. Noire,

    Then considering Emerald City Confidential and The Longest Journey.

    Not sure what for after that. Maybe Gobliiins, Okami or The Walking Dead.
  • Well so far it's Snowdrift, Home and The Walking Dead for me. Need one more. HOpefully an adventure game. Hm...
  • That's why I picked Emerald City Confidential, as Wadjet Eye's Blackwell games are also relatively short and can likely be finished quite quickly.
  • I've finished Chaos on Deponia but made no progress on the rest of my list since I got terribly hooked on Psychonauts again.
  • Good LORD Lego LotR is frustrating me. I had to activate co-op to get one of the characters to cross a bridge while the other one stayed on the pad to make is passable, and then I had to spend the rest of the level playing on the keyboard as Player 2 because you can't make the keyboard player drop out, so I was stuck using the keypad controls. Ugh.

    Getting very irritated with this game.
  • Well i finished 2 games. They are not on my list of games but i still finished them in February so they still count. Anyway i finished...

    Madagascar (PS2) Pretty good movie based game.
    Gravity Rush (PS Vita) I got this game with Playstation Plus and all i can say is it is excellent. The music was great, The story had me interested (But i think the ending is sorta disappointing). Kat is a very likeable character and most characters are likeable in their own way in this game. Personally my favorite characters in the game was Kat,Syd, and Raven. Another annoying thing about it was that the fighting got kinda annoying after a while but i didn't mind. In my opinion Gravity Rush is one of the best PS Vita games, 9/10
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    So it's mid February, and I have finished exactly... zero games. Good effort.
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