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How long do I have to wait for the code?

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1 month, 2 month? Until season 2 come out? I LOVEEE TELLTALE, OMG!!!!!!!!
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  • Thanks aa, I got a good news bad news situation. Good news is I got my codes yesterday and they work. Bad news is, the only reason I got them was becaue I took it upon myself to email [email][/email]. At which time I was told they didnt get my release form, even though it was attached to the email I sent. I sent it again and got my codes. So what was going to happen if I DIDNT email them, I would have never gotten a response or my codes? What a total mess they have made. So almost 4 months after I paid for the game, I can play. Of course, you cant take the game with you without removable memory, so forget bringing it over to friends or family. Kinda the whole point of buying the CD game. Overall, Id give Telltale an F-. Good luck guys, hope you get your codes soon
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    I have looked into this issue and a reply was made to you from Claim Support because there was information missing from your claim form. Since claims were addressed in the order they were received, it took some time to reach yours, but the email requesting more information was sent to you because information was missing. I have searched through the Support database and found an Open ticket you sent in a few days ago, but I have not had a chance to address it yet. Since this ticket is in regards to the same issue, I will close it now. If you have any questions, you can reopen this ticket or post on the forums.

    Please note, that due to the quantity of claims we've received for Xbox Codes, it will take some time to work through each of them. If any of these claims are missing information, a request will be sent back for the missing information.
  • It has been 3 weeks and I have not heard anything. I have emailed customer support and was issued ticket 3052. I hope to hear something soon. This is extremely frustrating and disappointing.
  • Ive been waiting for 3 weeks and I have got no answer at all. Not even a confirmation that my emailS have been received.
    Has anyone not from US received the codes? Im from Brazil.
    Telltale games never again. Total lack of professionalism and respect for customers.
  • Can someone please provide me with an update?

    I have sent in the claim form with all required information. last week I emailed support and created ticket 3052. It has been almost 4 weeks and still nothing. Can somebody please give me an update? It would be greatly appreciated
  • I got an update from the support team and then shortly thereafter I received my codes. Thanks to all that helped!
  • carelessly, I had thrown away my reciept.
    I just finished digging through an entire weeks worth of garbage outside and now need a shower. That was fun, so glad to have to go through this (sarcasm).

    But I FOUND it!!!!

    I just re-sent another email with the form, xbox screen+game and the pictures of the reciept.

    I sent an email Without the reciept picture earlier and I have been waiting for a reply back but after reading this thread without the reciept picture I am sure my first email would have been denied.

    Any chance any of you can back to me on this? I really want to play this game.
    Hell, I just swam in garbage for it.
  • After Reading all these Msgs, I see the same issue for all. Not everyone is getting their codes. Are we being kept waiting as telltale figures out a way to make us pay for the code?
  • We definitely have to spend some more money to get the problem solved. Me for example, have to get a gold membership to download the game + flash driver.

    I'm about to talk to my lawyer friend to see if what they're doing is right with us consumers.
  • Im about to send the info in once a day till they get the
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