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Voice actors you'd like to see as the PC in season 2

posted by Robert Morgan on - last edited - Viewed by 3K users
Here's some of mine:

Most famous as the voice of Optimus Prime and Eeyore, I honestly think Peter could imbue a new PC with the same level of emotion and pathos as Dave Fennoy before him.

Another VA of considerable renown, Jim Cummings has already been contributing many voices to the video game business, and his rich, distinctive voice would be ideal for a PC.

If Telltale decided to make the PC of season 2 into a woman and needed a VA who could be strong and vulnerable all in the same moment, they couldn't go wrong with Montano.

If Clementine becomes the PC of the next game, it goes without saying Melissa simply has to reprise her role.

All right, this is me just being ridiculous, I admit it. But come on, a zombie video game with Arnold? Would you really pass that up?
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  • joe demaggio (forget spelling) so many plaudits and kudos for his track record would be big win for telltale but maybe a little expensive ?

    yvonne strahovski that hawt girl from chuck/mass effect 2 and 'possibly' gta 5 ?
  • David Nowlin, William Kasten, Dominic Armato, or Matt Chapman

  • Dominic Armato, Sonny Strait or Johnny Young Bosch.
  • Anyone of the Futurama cast...

    Chuck Norris!
  • Arnold is a no. Telltale would be writting "Get to the chopper" or "Dont worry lityle Clementine... ill be back"
    He has no emotion... reason Dukem Nekum sucked,.based on Arnie
  • Looking at the OP's avatar makes me wish Vincent Price were still alive.

    Can you imagine his awesome voice in Season 2? :eek:
  • What I want is that there wont be Dave Fennoy in Season 2.
    That is because they killed Lee. If some sidekick character would have Lee's voice, it would be fucking ridiculous and kill the immersion too.
  • joe demaggio (forget spelling)

    It's Joe DiMaggio. Also, that would be very interesting to see.
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