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Who do I call for a stolen Xbox 360?

posted by SonnyN18 on - last edited - Viewed by 704 users
Around October of last year I came home noticing something different. My Xbox 360 was stolen. And my laptop. And my mom's new iPhone. I was ******* pissed. I thought about calling the police but my mom ruined any evidence that looked liked something a burglar would've left behind. (Foreign mother BTW so she is not exactly bright when dealing with U.S things.) She shrugged off the idea of 911 because the police would come with only us saying something was stolen. I thought about filing a report on stolen items but that was days after the incident. After all this, I finally decided to move on. In December I made a Raptr account for my PSN and my (stolen) Xbox 360 account just for the hell of it. Today, I'm obsessing over the stolen items again is because I got a message saying that COD: BO 2 was added to my Xbox live account. I thought it was a glitch on Raptr's part because obviously I don't have an Xbox 360, but I realized that the guy who stole my Xbox 360 must've used Xbox Live today. And I checked my activity (actually, HIS activity) and it said he played a couple of games today. And I've been told it was idiotic to go online on a stolen product.

By the way, my Xbox live account is called UnhappyTitan00 if you want to troll him. I'm trying to **** with this guy by changing my motto to send him a message via You need friend requests so I'll accept whatever to **** him over.

PS: Because of this guy, I had to start a new save of Walking Dead on iPad
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