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Shooting the Girl in the street

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Okay so when Lee and Kenny are out hunting for supplies and the girl comes out screaming, and you have the choice to either shoot or not shoot, what did you decide and how does it effect the story?

I chose to leave her as a distraction, I thought the zombies might come after me.
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  • the story of how she ended up on the street :)

  • I left her there.

    she could've ran in a straight line silently and survived, she died because she ran in GODDAMN circles...

    How did she even make it this far?
  • This was one of the toughest choices for me, along with not killing Larry and taking Lilly with me.

    I'm not sure if I made the right choice in this matter, but truthfully, is either choice 'right'? In one option we put down a girl who will die regardless so she won't suffer. But doing so, we risk our lives and the lives of our group.

    The first time I shot her, but I didn't want to get on Kenny's bad side, since he was already mad at me about not helping him kill Larry. He's one of my closest friends. Plus I only gathered 9 things.

    I then with back to try again. This time, I didn't shoot her. I got 17 things. I felt so guilty as I listened to her screams, but otherwise we could die. And if we die... What about the rest of the group?

    I have to say, I went with the second choice. I wouldn't of if she hadn't been bitten, but...

    Hopefully I made the right decision.
  • I let her be eaten (my mother did, also) because my group and its well-being is far more important than a basically-dead woman running around in circles and screaming at the top of her lungs. I don't see how she survived for so long.


  • I left her because she was screaming so freaking loud, she could've easily outran those few zombies. I felt bad though because Kenny bragged about it to the whole group =.=
  • Besides affecting Kenny's disposition towards you, TTG could have actually made the scene in the pharmacy a lot harder if you did shoot the girl. As it stands right now, you can still loot everything whether you shot Beatrice or not if you click fast enough.
  • I shot her. I put myself in her shoes, I'd want someone to shoot me in that situation so I treated her like how I'd like to get treated. It's as simple as that.
  • I shot her. I stand by my signature, and i try to never let another survivor suffer as best i can. As CarScar said, if i too were there surrounded by walkers and had been bitten, i would hope someone would end my suffering rather than let me die in pain and misery.
  • Left her to die.

    Cuz running in circles was such a smart plan :D
  • I left her, If she had not been bitten of course I would try to save her, plus I was playing my 'Kenny's Bitch' playthrough. Perhaps when I do 'Lily's Bitch' I'll shoot her.
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