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Would you have preferred a different Lee bite scene?

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Would you have preferred Lee to be bitten in a more epic fashion such as Tackling/fighting walkers to the ground to save Clem or one of the group or did you think the scene where he got a surprise attack from a walker was the right scene?
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  • Web Head;770260 said:
    The radio was making noise just enough for the walker to approach it, then why didn't it do? :confused:
    Maybe it wasn't enough noise to get it riled up,plus he probably smelled Lee when he got close which would definitely get him riled up.
  • Crixus;770209 said:
    Yeah I agree,it reinforced the point that you are never safe and that danger lurks around every corner.
  • I thought it fit well. I mean, the whole rest of "Who comes with you to beat Vernons ass" scene would of played out differently if you weren't bit. Maybe no one would come with you, abandon you.
  • Crixus;770262 said:
    Maybe it wasn't enough noise to get it riled up,plus he probably smelled Lee when he got close which would definitely get him riled up.
    Lee was around 10 feet away from the radio and he heard it, the walker was right next to it so it would make more than enough noise to attract walker's attention.
  • Gosh I knew something bad was gonna happen there since they gave us the option to check the trash bin Dx I was expecting him something bad at that scene, his guard was down and that was the perfect opportunity to get Lee bitten =.=
  • It'd be corny / unrealistic if it were in some stupid heroic scene.
  • I would kind of like a different scene, perhaps one with a few more walkers, but certainly not a"I'll hold them off guys, get out of here" *fights off entire zombie horde with bare hands, gets scratched* kind of deal. As soon as the walker jumped out when I checked the trash, I kind of knew that Lee got bitten. I wasn't surprised. Maybe if it had been done a bit earlier in the episode but wasn't revealed until the very end (perhaps something like grappling with a walker or two while Molly climbs up onto the truck in the garage. One or two get too close, Lee fights them off barely, then complains about his arm every once in awhile until the big reveal.) Then, not only would the player be like "Shit, Lee's bitten!" they would also be saying "When the hell did that happen?! How long has it been?!"
  • When I first reached the scene, it was definitely effective. But it doesn't hold up well with subsequent playthroughs, since I can't do anything to deviate from the path that'll get me bitten. There are several moments throughout episodes 4 and 5 when I have to resign myself to the fact that I'm really watching a movie (albeit a good movie) as opposed to playing a game, and that was one of them.
  • Violet Virago;770292 said:
    Lol i didnt actually realise what i was doing there but i will take the credit! :D
  • Rommel49;770256 said:
    It's hardly realistic considering Lee's been living in that environment for over three months. Hell, Kenny even says in Ep. 3 that they're always worried about the ones they can't see... Apparently not.

    I've said it before. Speaking from some measure of experience (I lived in an area with animals that can kill by biting or stinging and worked with them as a hobby), anyone actually living in that sort of scenario would know to safely check potential cover sites, simply out of habit.

    I'm not the only one who saw it coming, the scene even looks awkward if you have Lee check the garbage first (I actually tried just going around the left side of the road, which made it even more obvious Lee was getting railroaded when I hit the invisible wall).
    Easily realistic due to Clementine's disappearance. Such a thing never happened in those 3 months(save for the first one mere hours earlier, but she was found safe and sound), and Lee knew she wasn't ready to be on her own yet. When someone you care deeply for is in danger, it can cloud your thoughts and cause you to throw caution to wind to get them back.

    At that time Lee did not care about safety, he just wanted to find Clementine. Her radio is on the ground right next to a garbage pile. If she was assaulted and injured, she could have crawled under it for protection, which is probably what Lee is thinking when searching it.

    I think the bite scene was perfect just the way it was, though i would have been fine with any other method.
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