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Which Of Kenny's Death Scenes Do You Prefer

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I was just wondering which of Kenny's death scenes everyone preferred and why? I prefer Ben/Kenny because I felt it was Kenny's way of redeeming himself after being such an ass to Ben. Christa's, although heroic, I told them I didn't need the walkie talkie anymore because it just caused trouble but then Christa had be all pregnant and stubborn. What are your opinions? :confused:
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  • He sacrificed himself to save somebody else's life, that's really surprising knowing that Kenny usually just helps the one who helps him back. (:
    I prefer the Ben death scene more because I felt that no matter how much hatred he felt for him, he forgave him and he did him a favor by just ending his life quick. I wished he could've just done it and left with Lee but I guess the creators really wanted to kill Kenny D:
    Although the Christa scene, I WAS SO PISSED OFF AT HER FOR JUMPING IN AND GETTING THE DAMN WALKIE TALKIE. It was also obvious that Kenny knew that she was pregnant, so he was heroic for doing what he did. He's my bro you know xD
  • The Christa was a lot more heroic in my opinion. Meanwhile the Ben sacrifice could simply be chalked off as Kenny just giving up, I didn't really like it.
  • Christa's version, far and away. Kenny's sacrifice (assuming he was killed) is a more satisfying end to the character, as opposed to the alternate scene with Ben, where Kenny just seems to be fulfilling a death wish he'd been harbouring for a long time. In Ben's scenario, he's basically giving up, an attitude he spoke out against only one scene earlier, while in Christa's, the dude is still fighting back even when apparently surrounded. Also, the shot where Ken is lifting Christa to safety is almost as stirring as Lee's death scene. I want it as my desktop wallpaper.

    (Unfortunately, in order to get this scenario, I still have to kill Ben in the belltower. This game strikes me as being more about who dies when and where, as opposed to actually saving lives. It's sort of like having Mario reach the last castle to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, only to find out he's already eaten her.) :o
  • I really loved the Ben one, and I sensed that he would do such a thing when he made the comment about Kat leaving him (I really didn't think he believed what he was saying, or he at least didn't mean it for him, he meant it for Lee). It also felt a lot less forced than the Christa version where it was all based off of a walkie-talkie falling in a hole rather than a group member.
  • The Christa version. He hated her a lot (not as much as Ben) and the arguments Christa and Kenny had were all too similar to the ones he used to have with Lilly. The Ben scene can be chalked up to Kenny just giving up, but not the Christa one. He's actually scared as hell when he turns around to hold off the walkers, but conquers his fear and manages to hold them back long enough for Lee and Omid to pull her up. The fact that he does actually manage to save her is also a plus, considering he's just dying with Ben in the alley which is losing two people at once, rather than losing one who manages to save another.
  • All though they were both kinda flawed, I prefer the Ben version. It felt like a round about conclusion to both Kenny's perceived failure to save Shawn and his feelings towards Ben. I think it would have been more effective if it wasn't so transparently obvious there was no way Kenny was going to fight off all those walkers.

    Instead, maybe initially there's only a few of them and you watch Kenny successfully fend them back for like a minute or so before two dozen more flood in from stage right and only then it becomes clear there was no way out. Basically make it look like a long shot before making it apparent it was a suicide mission.

    The Christa version actually bugs me because it seemed pretty uncharacteristic of her to act so rashly. Excluding when Omid is in danger, she was typically the most cautious member of the group. Watching her so casually risk her life for something we really didn't need just felt out of place to me.
  • I prefer Ben/Kenny by a long shot. I just really don't like Christa's version, they way it's because he tapped the radio out of Lee's hand and died getting that instead of dying for Ben because he felt sorry.
  • Even though nobody preferred him dying, if I had to choose, it would be the Ben/Kenny scene. After all Kenny and Ben have gone through throughout the season was a lot. Kenny's family dying, Ben causing it, that kind of stuff. After Ben broke down in the yard behind the mansion yelling at Kenny about how "at least you know where your family is, I don't know where mine is, they could be alive, dead, OR WORSE!"

    This was a way of Kenny redeeming himself to Ben and the others, and I prefer that one.
  • I'm glad no one picked has picked te 'Both' option yet or I would have to whoop some a$$!
  • Alleyway scene if only because Lee and Kenny actually talk between each other and get to say goodbye, with Christa he just runs off leaving Lee to shout to him with no response.
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