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Would your opinion be different if...

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Would your opinion on Telltale's The Walking Dead be different, if telltale actually made a 2.5 hour movie instead of a game? It was animated the same way it did in the game, same actors, same story and performance - but you wouldn't be playing it. You would be watching it on the big screen.
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  • When you play the game, you feel you're Lee, and that you're the one making decisions. If it was a movie, you'd be watching Lee making his own decisions, and wouldn't attach to it that much. I'd probably watch the movie and still enjoy it, though.
  • Absolutely. TWDTG strikes me as a movie (Just with interactivity) as it is. As a video game It's missing good gameplay. If it was a movie it would fix all my problems with it.
  • I would watch it and probably like it but I don't think a movie format would have conveyed half the emotional weight. And I'm not sure I would have been so forgiving on some stupid things. Even with all the false choices and etc, it wouldn't be the same at all.
  • You lose all the consequence of being responsible for your own damn words and actions. It's not a game, its not a movie, its something awesome,
  • thestalkinghead;760638 said:
    there should be a "yes i would watch it but it would not be as good as the game" option
    Completely agreed. There is zero chance that it would have anywhere near as much effect were it a movie. It simply does not work without the player being involved. I'm sure it would still be fantastic, but the emotional connection would never feel the same. The level of that the game achieved is something a game and only a game can reach(in this situation).
  • It'd have to be a miniseries. We grew to care about these characters more and more over the course of the game, and you could never rival that kind of character development with one movie. That's why I feel the Walking Dead game, comics and show are all better than any zombie movie.
  • It was a point and click by Telltale and that is why I played it

    I'm not a walking dead fan or zombie fan but I love Telltale so I'm willing to give their games a shot even if it is a bit different
    I'm not sure a movie would be as appealing
  • DAISHI;769565 said:
    You lose all the consequence of being responsible for your own damn words and actions. It's not a game, its not a movie, its something awesome,

    I would give a great example right now to backup my point and show it wouldn't work as a movie, but this is the spoiler-free section.
  • Like most other people, I wouldn't have got as attached to the characters and wouldn't have cared what happens to a lot of them if it was a movie. Taking responsibility for Lee's actions and looking after Clem is what we love about it. As a film it'd just be any old zombie flick, perhaps just slightly more dramatic.
  • My girlfriend almost ordered me to do another playthrough, so she could watch the story. She's a huge Walking Dead fan, but doesn't like gaming, so for her, it was more a movie than a game.
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