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Bring Mark Seibert on board please!!

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Mark Seibert's music is, IMO, a key part to the magic of the Sierra games, especially the KQ games. His simple but beautiful melodies helped define the atmosphere of King's Quests V-VIII, and he's at the height of his talents in King's Quest V and King's Quest VI--arguably two of the most well received games in the series.

I believe a KQ game without Mark Seibert on board would be like a Star Wars film without John Williams, or a Sergio Leone film without Morricone--It just wouldn't be right. There's a beautiful simplicity to Mark's music in the KQ games that really just belies the magic of the series--A beautiful, sweet simplicity.

His songs aren't ten minute epics, but little, atmospheric melodies, and even though they're simple, they lift simple VGA scenes (in V-VII) to emotional heights. I think even some of KQ8's staunchest opponents would be hard pressed to argue that Mark's music in KQ8 wasn't a highlight of that controversial game.

So, please--I know some Telltale people read this--Could you resist the easy path and the temptation to use your own people, and consider giving Mark Seibert a call?

If not Mark Seibert, than at least get any of these guys:

Ken Allen
Chris Brayman
Dan Kehler
Richard Spurgeon
Neil Grandstaff
Jay D. Usher

All of the men listed above helped craft the music of King's Quest V, VI and VII and are just as important to the atmosphere of those games as Mark was. So if Mark isn't available, at least offer the gig to one of those guys.

I think that the addition of Mark or any of those guys to the team would not only would it make TellTale's KQ feel more like the originals, but it would also help recreate that unique King's Quest atmosphere, and most importantly, it would make a lot of KQ fans--even the skeptical ones, I would imagine--happy.

So please consider this.
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  • Sorry if I'm throwing a wrench into it all, but how about William Goldstein, the composer for KQ4? I think his soundtrack maybe one of the most memorable of them all.
  • Actually I think KQ4 has the highest quality soundtrack of the entire series. Infact it earned the most rewards IIRC, even Sierra always said it was there best KQ soundtrack.

    So you aren't alone.

    There are individual pieces of music that I love more in the later games, but for overall mood and thematic quality of the entire soundtrack, KQ4 is my favorite. Probably followed by KQ6.
  • KQ4 barely has a soundtrack. Just a handful of short themes. The only one of any significant length is the intro/outro which are both mostly the same. It was nice work, but it's tough to call it a soundtrack. And because of that alone it can't really compete in the same vein as later King's Quest titles.

    It has still 30 minutes or so of music total, and sounded glorious on an MT-32. Probably why it won so many awards for music.

    From The Royal Scribe;
    King's Quest IV's soundtrack was composed by William Goldstein. He is best known for his work on the film Hello Again and the television show Fame. Goldstein used a Roland MT-32 to compose over seventy-five pieces of music for King's Quest IV. Each piece of music is associated with a particular scene or character.

    The music and the graphics are so superior to anything previously seen in an adventure game that some people are actually moved to tears during the opening cartoon. King Graham has a sudden heart attack and falls to the ground. As Princess Rosella, the player must journey to a distant land, destroy the evil witch Lolotte, free the Queen of the Fairies, and retrieve a sacred talisman before returning with the magic fruit that is King Graham's only hope.

    King's Quest IV features a day and night cycle that allows the player to meet characters at night that will not appear during the day.

    But ya most of the music is only short, in that its intended to repeat several times, its got alot of cool ambiant feel to it.

    Considering Goldstein composed for films and movies, he certainly would know how to compose for modern games. But since he's a holywood professional he's probably outside of Talltale's league even. That is is even Goldstein hasn't retired. I don't know what his last work was.
  • I'm sure Jared could do a great score based on past material. He's proven himself in every Telltale game he has worked on.
  • Mark Seibert didn't score SQ4. Ken Allen did. The credit in the game was mislabelled. Also, Aubrey Hodges did the majority of scoring for Longbow.

    Correct. That score was Ken Allen.

    In fact, Ken Allen is scoring a new geek / video game movie:
  • Having Mark Seibert or Chris Braymen or better... BOTH on board as the composer(s) would be a dream come true. Even having them work closely with Telltale's composer would be a gift for fans.

    Crispin's theme in KQ5
    Cassima's theme in KQ5
    The underground gnome theme in KQ5
    The entire intro theme in KQ6
    Girl in the tower in KQ6
    The intro theme in Conquest of the Longbow

    Oh man, everyone of those are so good at building the emotional connection between the player and the game. They all give me chills. Having these guys come back would be an amazing idea.

    BTW, I actually liked the Bountiful Woods theme from KQ7.
  • Personally, I think Ken Allen made the best King's Quest music in the series. Seibert and Brayman are very close seconds, though. Actually, Ken made the best music in all of Sierra's history.
  • Personally, I think Ken Allen made the best King's Quest music in the series. Seibert and Brayman are very close seconds, though. Actually, Ken made the best music in all of Sierra's history.

    Love Ken Allen's work in the murder mystery game Colonel's Bequest! The man is very versatile! He can do mysterious, scary stuff brilliantly and also sweet romantic music and grand adventure themes like in SQ4. And all if his "Jones in the Fast Lane" tunes are so catchy and perfect for their respective scenes.
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    Jennifer Moderator
    For the record, I loved Ken Allen's music in Space Quest VGA and Space Quest IV (and as I said elsewhere, it was a huge inspiration in getting me interested in composing). :D

    By the way, those of you who don't visit the general forum might want to check them out, since Ken Allen's just joined up here. :)
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