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Check out Telltale's new beta site!

posted by puzzlebox Telltale Staff on - last edited - Viewed by 3.3K users
Hey all! You might have noticed the shiny new banner at the top of the page... the web team here has literally just launched the public beta test for our new site.

I can't add much more instruction-wise to what's already in the blog post, so go check that out for more info. However, if you want a shortcut, here's the path to the Community section (aka the new forum).

Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated - let us know on the beta forum what you think of the new look and feel, and of course flag it up if you find any bugs we can squash! It'd be awesome if discussion of the beta forum happened ON the beta forum, but I'll leave this thread open just for anyone who might have trouble registering in the new place.

See you over there!

UPDATE: The beta is done for now - thanks so much to all who participated! Your feedback has been well received, and the web team will be making some updates to the site functionality before the big launch. We really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts!
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