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Who do you think will end up surviving longer in Z A . Carl from the Comics or Clem

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Who do u think will survive longer in the Z A Carl from the comics or clementine from the game?
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  • ZacTB;770424 said:
    Robert Kirkman said something about Carl probably taking over from Rick when he dies
    As like Clementine taking over from Lee.
    (I don't wonna that Rick will ever die!!! )
  • DreadMagus;770279 said:
    Wrecking ball?

    He's like a fucking terminator... when he lost that eye, I expected a red glow to be underneath.
    I'm betting that's what will cause his downfall. Sooner or later he's going to be charging at walkers rambo style and the harsh reality that he's not superman will come crashing down on him in the form of one bite mark...on the neck. No amputations this time...
  • zev_zev;770426 said:
    As like Clementine taking over from Lee.
    (I don't wonna that Rick will ever die!!! )
    I don't see Clem taking over anything.

    Who in their right mind will follow the lead of a 9 year old?
  • Carl is really one tough kid with bad luck. Clem is smart, cautious, and lucky. I can see Clem outliving Carl cause Carl does some reckless act causing his death.
  • Carl's experiences haven't forced him to grow up so much as regress into a bitter little dwarf. But depending on how you guide Clementine, she could gradually become a young adult who miraculously retains her humanity amidst all the carnage. to answer the question, I hope Clem survives to be an old woman, never mind longer than somebody else. But not at the cost of her soul.
  • Looking ahead, do you know how you want Rick’s story to end? If the series continues 10 or 20 years, and it always follows Rick, the stories would not have the same impact because readers would always know that Rick will survive. I’ve heard you say in the past that Rick could die at any time. Is that still the case?

    Robert Kirkman: Yeah, Rick could go at any time. I think that Carl could carry the book now. I know that there are interesting stories I could do with him, Andrea, or Michonne. To a certain extent, I think it would be interesting to follow Negan for a little bit and see what that story would be like.

    I definitely think that Rick has been the anchor for the series and may be the anchor of the series for a long time. I do have plans for him and I know where his story is going, but I promise that Rick will not survive the entire run of the book.

    I think the book will go past 300 issues at this point. Charlie and I absolutely love what we’re doing and it is exactly the thing I have wanted to do ever since I wanted to do comics. I’m having the time of my life. The book is going to go on for a long time and no one is safe… not even Rick.
    Based on the above, DEFINITELY CARL! Technically, he already has survived longer, but if I'm thinking ahead... I can't see Clem years into the future, able to survive on her own. In a group, sure, and she might even be a strong second, but I can't see her being on her own - and that's why I think that she wouldn't survive as long.
    At some point in the ZA, a person would be alone. Either the scouting group they were out with gets attacked and they're separated or the sole survivor, or their whole small group is wiped out.
    Carl would be fine on his own. Maybe go dark, but he'd be fine, still. Clem wouldn't. She was able to make it to the country after shooting Lee, true, but I think she's the type that would forever seek out a group. And if she couldn't find one after a while, I think she might go a little crazy. Lose all hope, all that kind of thing.
    Carl has a stronger spirit, he's a better shot, he's a tougher kid. He might not be the most likeable to some people, but he is the more equipped for survival. :P
  • DreadMagus;770562 said:
    I don't see Clem taking over anything.

    Who in their right mind will follow the lead of a 9 year old?
    If the 9 year old is holding you at gunpoint, I'd say those chances are decently high.
  • Carl. He's more badass and less naive.
  • Te soy honesto si eliminas a Clementine arruinas a perder el juego, porque que te conmueve más un niño o niña, para ti quien es más vulnerable si los escritores la lastiman físicamente a una pequeña que es lo que piensa las personas, los tachan de abusivos o de pedófilos, si quieres lanzar al drenaje a la compañía lastima a Clementine, si no me crees échale un vistazo a las redes sociales y luego contestas.
    Voto por un final feliz para Clementine y su salida de la historia.
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