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Was killing Lee a mistake?

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I'm not talking in the short-term sense, as there's no doubt the ending was the one thing most people remembered about the game. But in long-term, it sort of put Telltale in a bind when it came to continuing the story.

You have to view these games almost like an interactive TV show (an aesthetic approach Telltale themselves confirmed when they referred to the next series as "season 2", not to mention the "Previously on the Walking Dead/Next Time on the Walking Dead" clips seen at the beginning and end of each episode). In TV shows, the lead protagonist doesn't usually die. Not at the end of the first season, anyway.

I think it's somewhat safe to assume the Telltale writing team is probably jumping through the same hoops we are in terms of what to do next. We've speculated almost a dozen different ways about who the lead in season 2 could be, and every idea, no matter what it is, has come with its share of problems.

I know that even suggesting this out loud will get me lynched, but I can't help wondering if Telltale will reveal story events from Lee's bite onwards was just a nightmare Clementine had, just to bypass all the headaches they're probably having to go through in story sessions. To be honest, I wouldn't blame them. :o
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  • It definitely threw a wrench in the machine, but I don't think it was a mistake. First of all, it seems Lee was not the main character of the series. That would be Clementine. Lee was the player avatar. There is a difference. If the game let us play as Clementine from the beginning, it would be a rather uneventful game. She spends most of the time waiting in "safe" zones.

    That, and the story was about her growing and becoming prepared to take care of herself. Notice how we skipped Lee's training between episode 1 and 2? His (our) growth wasn't important to show, but whenever he passed on his knowledge, the game let us know that Clementine will remember.

    Killing Lee off allows Telltale to come up with a new character to learn about in the same manner. Sure, it might be odd seeing familiar faces and having the player's initial reaction be something that should be associated with Lee and there's a risk of it feeling too similar, but it's not impossible to make it work.

    I'm going to wait (anxiously) for season 2 to see just how good the writing team actually is. If they can make season 2 just as memorable as season 1, then I'll be stoked.
  • RIP Lee, I pray for him everyday I MISS him so much :c
  • It makes for a great game, but it will be tough to play anyone else in Season 2 because it wasn't like we were playing Lee, we WERE Lee and they killed us off. I have confidence that Telltale knows what they're doing, but I have a bad feeling it won't be the same.
  • I agree with Yertos ^^ And I also think that TT will put a lot more work into season 2 than season 1 just because Lee won't be there anymore, they would want to make it as enjoyable as possible.
  • It was the right ending,Lee had to die so Clem could continue his legacy herself. Although i think TTG should not kill off the season 2 protagonist because after Lee dying everyone will be expecting the next protagonist to die aswell.
  • I completely agree with looking at this as an interactive TV series instead of just a video game series, and killing off a major character can have negative repercussions on a series. You could make an argument that Clem was the main character, but the story is told from Lee's perspective, we see what he sees and we know what he knows.

    Killing off Lee got a huge reaction from the fan base, and that was probably TTG's goal, but I'm a little worried that they may have sacrificed some of the long-term quality of the series in favor of a big, dramatic ending to S1. I'm still confident they can deliver an excellent second season, but I'm not sure they can replace a character like Lee, or hit the same highs they hit in S1.
  • If it was up to Kirkman, Clem would have died too.
  • The response from fans was so great that you definetly can't call it a mistake. But I bet that TTG writers are coming to the same conclusion as people on this forum: all new PC have some cons and it none of them can top Lee.
    Nuked wrote: »
    If it was up to Kirkman, Clem would have died too.

    Man, thank God it's not up to him.

    Robert Kirkman and George R. R. Martin have this strange talent. They can make me want to strangle them to death with my bare hands by just killing fictional characters.
  • I'm glad TTG stuck to it's guns and killed Lee....

    Not that I wanted Lee dead, but to alter their original plan - in the face of additional seasons - might have lead to a crappier overall storyline - since they obviously hadn't prepared for Lee's continuation.
  • Nuked wrote: »
    If it was up to Kirkman, Clem would have died too.

    When the series first started I looked at Lee & Clementine as Telltale's version of Rick & Carl. I don't think Kirkman would have killed them both off.
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