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Carley or Kenny

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I've read the Carly or Doug threads out there and for the majority of ppl who saved Carley, myself included, it came down to screentime interaction and the gun, so I wanted to even up those factors a little. What if instead of the choices of Carley and Doug, you had too choose between Carley and say...Kenny of who to save. Carley would still have the advantage of the gun, but Kenny would probably have the advantage of screentime interaction. So what do you think..Carley or Kenny..who do you save and why?
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  • Kenny.cuz bros 4 life
  • carley because shes nice and doesnt force you to kill someone
  • Kenny because you are really good friends with him in episode 1 plus i am not sure whether i can trust carley yet, but if i had to decide between the two in say episode 3 i would choose Carley.
  • Tough choice,probably Carly :D
  • Carley, and it's not even a hard choice.

    Made you think there was some hope in this hopeless world. Kenny just whined and hated everything you did unless you were spreading your cheeks for him on a constant basis.
  • Yea tough choice.. but probably Carley..(Fanboy) :)
  • It would probably depend on the episode. In Episodes 1 and 2 I'd save Kenny, since he and I were total bros and he demonstrated some pretty awesome heroism when he came back for Lee and got the group out of the store. He also has a wife and child, whereas Carley doesn't have a family.

    However, I'd probably save Carley in Episodes 3 or 4. Even though I still sided with Kenny for the majority, I didn't like the way he treated Lilly after what he did to her father. I helped him and still think he made the right choice, but he was being a huge asshole about it. And, since he loses his family, he becomes emotionally unhinged and possibly a liability. Carley never really lost it, or went over the deep end as much as Kenny did, and she's still pretty handy with a gun, so I would probably save her.

    Episode 5 is kind of a toss up, seeing as Carley (if she were still the same) is, in my mind, about equal to the reformed Kenny. After Ben yells at him and he sees the dead couple, he really becomes like he was in episode 1, a true bro and a hero. But, he still has no family and a lot of pain in him, while Carley still has her badass gun skillz and would be a good caretaker for Clem.
  • Well, I saved Doug. 'Nuff said.
  • Kenny. In episode 1, he had a family to look out for.
  • Like a lot of others have said, the timing would be a major deciding factor. If it was in the drugstore and Kenny replaced Doug in that situation I probably would have saved Kenny, partially just because I wouldn't know how to handle telling Katjaa and Duck I let Kenny die and largely because he was a good friend at the time.

    If Carley was still alive post Katjaa/Duck's departures and the decision was made then I'd save her. My relationship with Kenny at the point was incredibly strained and without his family Kenny started coming unglued. Not that I wanted him to die or anything but at it'd be hard to let Carley go at that point especially compared to a traumatized Kenny who on at least some level seemed like he wanted to die.
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