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Carley or Kenny

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I've read the Carly or Doug threads out there and for the majority of ppl who saved Carley, myself included, it came down to screentime interaction and the gun, so I wanted to even up those factors a little. What if instead of the choices of Carley and Doug, you had too choose between Carley and say...Kenny of who to save. Carley would still have the advantage of the gun, but Kenny would probably have the advantage of screentime interaction. So what do you think..Carley or Kenny..who do you save and why?
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  • I would probably choose Carley in most scenarios. She's just way more friendly, positive and less hot-headed than Kenny. Kenny does things a bit too drastic for my tastes, but Carley would likely never do such things(from what we saw of her at least).

    Carley is generally the kind of person who will always have your back through thick and thin, whereas Kenny is likely to abandon you if you don't follow his every step. They're both proficient enough with guns so that point matters little to me.

    If push came to shove I'd consider myself a friend of Kenny regardless of his actions, but if it came to choosing him or Carley....I'd choose the latter.
  • Kenny. Because I bet HE knows how to put on a battery
  • When? If had been Kenny instead of Doug at the end of episode 1 i'd have saved Ken (bros and all that), but he started to be very inconsistent about whether the bromance was reciprocal, while Carley was always loyal to me, so that would probably swing it in her favour if it had happened later on.

    Its always a frail relationship with Kenny, you're one decision away from him holding a big grudge against you, i was a solid 80% pro Kenny with my decisions in the game and he broke my heart a little when he initially refused to come with me to save Clem.

    I liked him a lot, but with Carley when if you decide not to feed her in episode two she says something like "it's okay, i know you still have my back", and i just can't imagine Kenny ever saying that.
  • Good question. I wouldn't hesitate to save Carley still. I agree that timing could affect how I guilty I feel about the decision, but not ultimately about the decision itself.

    In episode one, it was an "I owe you" to Carley. I never really felt a strong bond to Kenny till the end. I wasn't sure of him because he froze at Hershel's farm. If he hadn't Shawn could've been saved. So until the last moment when Kenny saved me, Carley was the one who proved herself by saving me twice. Until that point, Kenny was really just a guy who gave me a ride to Macon.

    I stood up for Duck earlier not for Kenny's sake, but for Duck's. So that scene with Larry didn't really bond me too much to Kenny either.

    After that, I'd probably feel bad for having to pick between the two, but I'd still go save Carley for reasons other have mentioned. She's loyal and level-headed no matter what. Kenny becomes increasingly antagonistic if you disagree with him. Still, I understand his point of view though I usually disagree with it and still consider him a good man at heart.
  • On a side note i'm glad the game never asked me to make that decision.
  • vivec;771124 said:
    Kenny.cuz bros 4 life
    Amen. lol If you are on his good side there is only one stronger relationship in the game, and that is Lee and Clem. Kenny can "Knock a few heads together" if he has too.
  • I preferred Kenny as a character, and he had a wife and kid to look out for. Even if the choice was made after they both died, I would probably still pick him, but I would have to take a moment to think.
  • I'd save Carley.

    Because..... no matter what.... Kenny is still a whiny dick-arm with selfish family issues. :D
  • If I have to choose between them, and if Katjaa and Duck is still alive, I would've chosen Kenny. But if they're both dead, I'll choose Carley... it's better to just send Kenny along with his family.
  • some ppl have questioned on which episode the choice would have occured. my initial thought was the same time you were given the choice between doug and carley, just substitute kenny for doug at the window. I wanted to know that, if you were faced with the choice of two characters that you had nearly equal interaction with and, up to that point in time, liked would your decision change. Would you instead of saving Carley, rescue Kenny? As others have stated doug never got an equal shot at surviving this choice because except for the little bit of time outside the drugstore we never got to interact with him like we did with carley, so I wanted to even the odds a little with a someone we did and see if your choice would have differed.
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