Stuck obtaining "secret" on Episode 5

Stuck on Episode 5. I'm trying to get the secret from the thief. I know what I have to do, but it doesn't appear to be working. I have Lechuck's belt buckle, and I show it to the thief, and he gives me his whole trust speech. But, when I click on the secret after that, I'm still unable to take it...I just get the same canned response about him not knowing what the secret is.

I have the Steam version, BTW. Am I missing something, or have I run into a bug? I'm so close to solving this and ending the whole series, and now I'm stuck on this one step that I figured out how to do in the first just won't seem to work. Help!



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    I don't think you're supposed to use it. Just take the secret and he won't steal it back.
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    Right, but to take something, you usually just click on it. I do that, and I don't take it...instead, Guybrush just asks about it again and the thief explains that it's a secret. I'm unable to take the secret even after using the belt buckle.
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    I just checked a video. If he's already trusting you because of the belt, clicking it will pick it up. Uh, try verifying your steam files?
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    Have you gone to the insult swordfighting area and talked to The Voodoo Lady yet?
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