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AMC hit 'Walking Dead' sets series ratings record

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Next episode this Sunday. Something to look forward to while waiting for season two of the game.
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  • Mornai;771043 said:
    Maybe I'll finally start watching this show. O.o

    From what little information I've gathered, it seems the first season was good, the second season was not as good, and the third season is good. Correct?

    I hear Shane is kept alive much longer in the show. I despised him in the comics and I'm going to go into this wanting to hate him in the show as well, but i also hear he is a fan favorite of sorts. We shall see!
    Most consider season 2 the weakest. It was still a good season, IMO, but the first half of the season moved at a slower pace, and some people felt the show was moving too slowly.

    It also doesn't follow the comic very closely. Some events don't happen in the TV series, some characters are very different from their comic versions, some die sooner/live longer, and some new characters are introduced.

    It's a really good series and you should give it chance, just be prepared to see some things go very differently than they do in the comics.
  • Btw if you go to imdb and u go through the remaining eps and go through the entire cast you will notice. Spoiler alert.that it has the Morales family that left the camp at the end of the first season returns
  • For those who haven’t seen the show, the first two seasons are available on Netflix.
  • Good for them.
  • Season 2 wasn't too great because half of it consisted of everyone shouting "SOPHIAAAA"
  • All 3 seasons are good.
  • I generally like the TV show, but compared to the comics Andrea and Michonne's Portrayal absolutely leaves me baffled.

    And the rate of head writers being dismissed is questionable too...
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