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Which games are you currently playing?

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basically name a game or more that you are currently playing (or have been recently) and say what you think of it.

Prince of Persia (newest): It is OK, not as good as the last 3, the removal of death as a deterrent is irritating, I wish they had not done it, it seems like a way to appeal to "casuals". I think the combat is dry and repetitive also.

Smash Bros:brawl: Overall an excellent game, however a lot of the mechanics from melee worked better in my opinion

Halo Wars: the best RTS I have played on a console, over simplified compared to PC ones, although that is to be expected. It is a pity Ensemble don't exist anymore
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  • Just Finished Grim Fandango
    Great game
    I'm planning to Buy and Play Tales of Monkey Island at the weekend
    I'd have got it earlier but I've had exams and had to play Grim Fandango before hand
  • Ni no kuni

    Best game for a looooooong time!

  • Currently playing Fire Emblem, and I gotta say, I LOVE the idea that a character that I liked randomly vanished after recruiting and no longer exists and I LOVE how the game makes me save before I can check the screen that shows her vanishing so I could redo the mission where she glitched out...

    Oh wait, no I don't. Nor do I like the game's stat screens showing me the wrong things such as when it says an enemy can go 5 squares and then proceeds to go 10 and kill someone.
    EDIT:Yep, did everything as supposed to for her to join and the game just despawns her, so glad we have bug checking!
  • Finished Epic Mickey 2. I didn't really have any trouble playing it by myself. I did take control of Oswald myself a few times, but mainly only in the projector screen levels to get extra E-Tickets or if Mickey wasn't in the right place to get the film reel. Other than that, the AI and I got along just fine.
  • So does this mean you're going to play Planescape: Torment now? XDDDDD
  • I'd rather play Captain Novolin than King's Quest. And Captain Novolin has the added advantage that I actually own it (thanks to a joke Christmas gift).

    As for Planescape:Torment, I don't see that I have much of a choice, do I?
  • GuruGuru214;775001 said:
    And Captain Novolin has the added advantage that I actually own it (thanks to a joke Christmas gift).
    The Kings Quest Remake is great and free. Let me say that again: it's free.
  • I'd still rather play Captain Novolin. The best way to kill my interest in a game is to nag me about how I should play it.

    I've changed my mind entirely. The only game I'm playing tonight is the Ocarina of Time debug ROM. It's time I started trying to sprite Kakariko.

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