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Kenny dead or alive? (massively merged threads)

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Am I the only one who thinks, that Kenny just might survived? I saw both ways, but none of them actually showed his dead. And in the ending reviews, it says, that we "lost him in a group of walkers".

So is he dead?
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  • They wouldn't cut out his death just to spare the pain of seeing it or watching something that gruesome. That would just be unfair to his character and not like TWD. So...he's alive :D
  • Really?

    He's alive is winning?

    Fanboys and girls ... you sicken me. <3
  • Really?

    He's alive is winning?

    Fanboys and girls ... you sicken me. <3

    Hey, i was nearly tempted to beat Kenny with a saltlick after he killed Larry in cold blood, but i think he's alive. Only one thing matters in a court of law....evidence. And there is none proving his death.

    Yeah maybe Kenny's not the strongest guy in the world and sure he may have spaghetti arms but he had a melee weapon(the pistol) and in the Christa scenario it's very likely he escaped because it's an indoor room(most of which have...doors!:eek:)

    No one can say he is alive, and no one can say he is dead(except Telltale). Both of the above are outright lies until further information surfaces. Until then, there exists only one answer: fate unknown.
  • Kenny is the kind of guy that doesn't give up, he'd fight till the end. Don't confuse the scene as him committing suicide, he was actually trying to save Ben despite the odds.

    "You don't just give up, you stick it out and help the people you care about."

    "I either save the kid or I get to see them again..."
  • I don't think he wanted to die. If he wanted to die, I don't think he would have been the kind of guy to force himself on living. I'm sure he would have thought that Lee would have been fine, along with the group, without him.
    So that's why he fought.

  • I hope that he is dead...
  • Maybe he wanted to help Ben after being such a jerk to him. Ben's biggest fear is getting eaten alive by walkers, so Kenny wanted to prevent that at all costs. Even if it ended up costing him his life, he'd get to see his family again.

    No idea on the exact reasons, but i know it wasn't suicide.
  • As I said in another post. Seeing Ben stuck there probably made Kenny think back to Shawn. It's pretty clear from talking him down in the train he's never forgave himself for what happened to Shawn. So after Ben reminded Kenny he has family too, he probably saw this.


    And thought back to this.


    And figured this was a chance to set things right. If he really thought Duck being bitten was punishment for not saving Shawn, he probably saw this as an opportunity to make amends for what he did in the past.

    I think the scene would have been more effective if the initial odds weren't so overwhelming though. Like there's only a small group of walkers at first and Kenny holds them back for a while before several dozen more flood in and overwhelm him. As it currently stands it kinda makes it looks like Kenny just wanted to kill himself when really I think he couldn't stand the idea of leaving Ben if there was even the slightest chance of saving him.
  • I agree that Kenny didn't want to kill himself. I think he knew there was a chance of him dying if he went to help Ben, and that's why he wouldn't let Lee help, but I don't think he was hoping for death.
    I think it was the very last chance for him to be a father. I don't know if there's a choice for him to kill the kid in the attic (me and hubby both had him kill it), and we both shot Duck for him. In our play through, we both had Ben go off on Kenny, and they had that talk about being eaten being Ben's worst fear.
    If there are options for Kenny not to shoot Duck (which I know there are) and Kenny not to shoot the attic kid (which I think there are?) then being able to make sure Ben didn't die a horrific, terrifying death would be Kenny's last chance to be a father. To grant some kindness to a kid. I think that's why Kenny puts Ben down at the end and is willing to risk his life to do it. I get the impression that Kenny was the kind of guy who wanted to be a father his whole life.
  • Kenny isn't the kind of guy to give up and let things happen, for no reason. Not even having the daughter of the man who's head you are about to smash in being present is reason for him to not do what has to be done. He is a fighter in every aspect, especially fighting to defend the 'pack' he became a part of.
    So this is not suicide, this is Kenny's last stand. And he knows going in he either survives or dies, but he will have done that fighting for the people he defends.
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