Generate story decisions... - but I've played!!!

Yesterday I've finished Ep. 2. (Another awesome episode!)

Today I want to start Ep. 3 ... but I get
"Generate story decisions for skipped episodes?"

WTF? ... Nope, I don't want to!

Neither I like to replay Ep. 2, because...

I know what's gonna happen.

Not knowing the future is a blessing, for such a bug.

I will change my decisions, now that I know what will be the response. Thats what's all about the 'KEEP TRACK OF _YOUR_ STORY'. (which is pretty awesome, btw. - until Ep.3 for me, however)

Here's what I do - in game - just if that is of any help.
0: Steam App -> startup.
1: Hit play, choose my safefile ... wents to Ep.3, choose Play.
2: 'Generate?' question.
3: Hit no, goto previous Ep. 2. Hit continue. Goto 2 (repeats).





Btw. I tried the prefs.prop trick, but didn't succeed. Now I'm mad and disappointed. :mad:

Having a non binary format for the prefs.prop could've helped...


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    What exactly did you try with the prefs.prop?
    There are different situations which can require different measures.

    Please follow the instructions to run the Support Tool and attach the resulting "" to your next reply in this thread.
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    I have tried to copy the prefs.prop to the pack\default folder.

    Output from the Support Tool attached.
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    I can't see anything obviously wrong in the data.

    No guarantees, but if you attach a zip file containing your prefs.prop and *.save files i can try if i can do something to mitigate the problem.
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    Sorry for the late post, have been working overtime and been on vacation...

    Anyway, here's the zip, thanks for your effort!

    The file is bigger than the allowed limit, so here is the zip (~2MB) containing prefs.prop and any *.save in my user folder:
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    You should be fine just clicking on generate random choices. You can see the explanation here.

    If that doesn't work for some reason, you can try this Episode 3 save, where i did just that:
    [URL= Walking]The Walking[/URL]
    I checked the episode 1 and 2 stats before and after, and they are the same.
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    Thank you for telling me to go brave, the displayed decissions in the intro look like my own one, thanks!

    As written in the linked explanation, I guess I wasn't patient enough when I finished episode two and didn't watch the credits.
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