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Canceled video games you wished that happened

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Upon hearing some news about a fan-made game based off of the popular tv show My Little Pony: Friendship is magic entitled "Fighting is magic" got canned due to a lawsuit. I decided to make a thread about canceled video games that will probably never see the light again. So name the game, a bit of the development history, why it got canceled, and why you wish the game happened.

Warren Spector's Ducktales- Sometime before Epic Mickey was finished, Warren Spector had some interest in doing a Ducktales video game. instead of being based off of the cartoon Ducktales, Warren spector had interest in doing a Ducktales game based off of the original comics from the legendary duck artist Carl Barks. As far as development goes…I have a feeling that Spector planned a bit of the game out sometime after Epic Mickey was over and done with. It would have been an adventure game, and it was reason to believe that it would have happened after Epic Mickey. However, Warren had unfinished business with Epic Mickey. After the sequel, Junction Point closed its doors. I would have loved to see this game became a reality. Since a point and click adventure game would work very perfectly for Ducktales. And since Warren is a fan of the show, that would have been proven to be a good game of Ducktales since Capcom’s take on the show. We might have even got a platform game of Darkwing Duck if Spector had interest in doing it.

Conker’s Other Bad Fur Day- This one is one that I WISHED got finished and released. After Conker’s bad fur day, another conker video game was being planned out. Instead of completing it, Nintendo lost Rare due to the buyout from Microsoft. Microsoft then told Rare to do something else, and Rare later remade Bad fur day with Live and Reloaded. However, they tried the third time to develop other bad fur day it instead gets canned(Microsoft never said why, it was believed that they didn’t see the profit in the game). It caused some of the great people who worked for Rare to leave the company, as well as Conker creator Chris Seavor. Conker’s other bad fur day would have been Rare’s masterpiece of video games. It would have been a whole lot better than Wii sports knock-offs any day. Since there is a rumor that Nintendo might buy back Rare, there might be a slight chance this could come back. I have been trying to get some re-interest back in this by creating artwork based off of concepts that Seavor himself said what the game was going to have and putting it on DA to show him that there is still interest. However, not many people are following my task. So this one can be just a dream to have.

Leisure Suit Larry Lust in space- Not only was this being developed right after love for sail, it would have been the first Leisure Suit Larry game done by Al Lowe to introduce Larry in 3D/CG(while the previous games were done with 2D graphics). However, due to the rise of First Person Shooter games. The game was canned. Only thing that lives about it is what Al lowe says about it on his website. And it also includes test footage of Larry in CG. I don’t know if Al Lowe is considering bringing this back once Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is released. But it will be a fun game to play since it sounded promising from Al himself.

Try to keep this outside of adventure games please. You can mention canceled adventure games from places like Lucasarts as well as other companies that did the genre of gaming. But try to focus on other genres too if you please.
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