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Season "extra" discussion, speculation & news

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New Up at Noon is up guys with Gary Whitta. .

Apparently,we will have more info on the SXSW GEEK stage,but we might also get something between Season 1 and 2,to ease (or worsen) our Season 2 wait.DLC maybe?

So whats your though on all of this? :)
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  • The Fallen;773689 said:
    Dreams tend to be unlikely at best, that's why they're dreams rather than expectations.
    I take it you don't think much of the idea of Kenny being the PC, then?
  • Robert Morgan;773693 said:
    I take it you don't think much of the idea of Kenny being the PC, then?
    I think he's dead tbh, painful as it his it feels to me like his story has come to a natural feeling conclusion.

    Even if he lives I doubt someone who quite possibly hated you in season one could ever be the PC, though i would enjoy playing as Kenny myself it would be a pretty bold and divisive move from telltale. I think the PC will be someone we've never met, that's the most logical solution.
  • RAnthonyMahan;773633 said:
    Great. Even more Walking Dead news, even though Season 1 ended months ago and Season 2 won't come until at least Fables ends. Meanwhile, King's Quest was announced two years ago and they won't even say if it's still happening or not.

    I'm glad Telltale's made something that's seen so much success, but I really hope they don't end up becoming "The Walking Dead Company." I know I'll probably get crucified for saying this with what the forum population is like these days, but as much as I liked it it wasn't even their best game.
    I doubt they will become "The Walking Dead" Company, but this will be their franchise game and most of their resources will be towards this game (Only if Season 2 succeed's though, they cannot mess it up or all this will be forgotten). It's the right decision and the reward would be huge.

    TellTale hit a "Jackpot" with this game. This was absolutely huge... I actually don't remember a GOTY before this one where so many people agreed on a game. In fact they made history at the VGA's by winning that award away form the triple A titles. Nobody expected that to happen, and I was amazed when they did.

    If TellTale plays their hands right, this game could transform their entire company. The same way that Half-Life made valve, the same way that GTA 3 made Rockstar, the same way that CoD 4 made Activision, the same way that Minecraft got so huge. Every company needs a start from somewhere, and this was the biggest/most hyped game of the entire year. When you get something like this, you have to take the opportunity.

    Now, I'm not saying TWD will become the next Half-Life/GTA/CoD because it won't. But this can easily become the next Assassins Creed, the next Bioshock, the next Mass Effect, etc. Titles that sell millions without a question. Can't blame them for putting all their time into the next season. They have to do it.


    Also I disagree and think this was their best game. But this is all opinion.

    Gary, your awesome.

    Also hints at possible DLC? Seemed unlikely but he clearly said we don't have to wait till Season 2 to play new TWD!
  • Source:

    And I quote:

    Gary Whitta, Telltale's story consultant for The Walking Dead and writer of season one's fourth episode, recently discussed the future of the series with IGN. According to him, a second season won't be coming for a while, but something else is already on the horizon. "I can tell you what you already know," he began, "which is season two is coming. There's not much to say because it really is very early in the process ... it's a way off. But, knowing that it's a way off, and knowing that people are hungry for more Walking Dead ... there may very well be more Walking Dead from Telltale before season two. We may have a little something extra for you between season one and two."

    Thought this was interesting.
  • if there is a new episode, it had better be either set after the ending or unrelated to the first season, because i feel like an episode in the middle of the story would make all my decisions i made after that episode wrong and i would have to do it again based on the new information i have and that would ruin it because i cant play the episodes again not knowing what will happen next, it would basically just invalidate my original playthrough.

    like imagine if this scene was added in later as DLC, it would change the whole thing
  • Why don't they tell us the story of Lily after she left the group?
    Or even Molly, Vernon..
    That would be great..
  • Considering we've been told to hold onto our Season 1 save files, I think THIS is the reason, and not season 2. Think about it, if the second series requires players to own the first series, that would be a disadvantage to those who choose to skip it (and they do exist), causing loss in revenue, now why would Telltale do that? What does make sense is having DLC for the first series that adds to the story already played through by people who paid for it.

    As for my predictions on what this DLC will contain, I think that we will see how Clementine got to the hill in the countryside, and what happened to Christa and Omid, based upon our last words to them in Episode 5. "Clementine will remember this" appearing as we give her our last words of advice also fits in with that idea, so the DLC will look at our saves and go "oh, you told Clem to go to the train, that's where we will be heading in your game" or "you picked 'go find a group' she'll be with a new group now". The possibilities are endless, but that's just my idea. As for the Kenny idea, I s'pose it would be nice to get absolute confirmation on whether he is alive or dead (and I would love it if he survived; even though I think he's a jerk, he's still my favorite character), however I don't think we would play him, we might just run into him or see him in a cutscene either alive or as a walker.
  • I was afraid it was going to be the same thing he said on the interview, but it's still great :)
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