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Season "extra" discussion, speculation & news

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New Up at Noon is up guys with Gary Whitta. .

Apparently,we will have more info on the SXSW GEEK stage,but we might also get something between Season 1 and 2,to ease (or worsen) our Season 2 wait.DLC maybe?

So whats your though on all of this? :)
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    Vainamoinen Moderator
    "Poker Night at the Travelier Motel". :D
  • omg wheeeen :D shit cannot wait...

    im making playthroughs of this game, please check it out :o
  • Does anybody can tell me what it mean? Episode between seasons?
  • Maybe it's an expansion of the first season? What happend between episode 1 and 2 maybe?
  • OzzieMonkey;773771 said:
    As for my predictions on what this DLC will contain, I think that we will see how Clementine got to the hill in the countryside, and what happened to Christa and Omid, based upon our last words to them in Episode 5. "Clementine will remember this" appearing as we give her our last words of advice also fits in with that idea, so the DLC will look at our saves and go "oh, you told Clem to go to the train, that's where we will be heading in your game" or "you picked 'go find a group' she'll be with a new group now". The possibilities are endless, but that's just my idea.
    I'm inclined to think Clementine might be the PC for the upcoming DLC. Playing as a little girl wouldn't hold up well for an entire season, but for a smaller episode that bridges what happened between Clem leaving Lee behind in the jewellery store and spotting the two figures out in that field, it makes a lot more sense.
  • Dude, if you don't play episode 1 and instead play 2, episode 1's results are randomized. Such would be the same for season 2. It'd be extremely easy to do, considering they already have the mechanics down.
  • butthead;773807 said:
    Maybe it's an expansion of the first season? What happend between episode 1 and 2 maybe?
    Or they want to show us how Clem escape from Savannah? Or something about those two strangers in the far?
  • Advanced;773718 said:
    I doubt they will become "The Walking Dead" Company, but this will be their franchise game and most of their resources will be towards this game (Only if Season 2 succeed's though, they cannot mess it up or all this will be forgotten). It's the right decision and the reward would be huge.

    TellTale hit a "Jackpot" with this game. This was absolutely huge... I actually don't remember a GOTY before this one where so many people agreed on a game. In fact they made history at the VGA's by winning that award away form the triple A titles. Nobody expected that to happen, and I was amazed when they did.

    If TellTale plays their hands right, this game could transform their entire company. The same way that Half-Life made valve, the same way that GTA 3 made Rockstar, the same way that CoD 4 made Activision, the same way that Minecraft got so huge. Every company needs a start from somewhere, and this was the biggest/most hyped game of the entire year. When you get something like this, you have to take the opportunity.

    Now, I'm not saying TWD will become the next Half-Life/GTA/CoD because it won't. But this can easily become the next Assassins Creed, the next Bioshock, the next Mass Effect, etc. Titles that sell millions without a question. Can't blame them for putting all their time into the next season. They have to do it.


    Also I disagree and think this was their best game. But this is all opinion.
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    Personally, I think it's mad to decry the fact that telltale are focusing more of their resources on TWDII at the expense of their other titles. As has been said, TWD is the game that launched them into the mainstream, with a lot of critical success. Creating an equally good sequel would guarantee at least some degree of commercial success and thus both more exposure and more resources to work on future releases, such as games currently being delayed for TWDII. That said, I can see your concerns regarding the possibility of them eventually focusing all their energies into TWD sequels until other projects get scrapped; I was disappointed when a similar thing happened with KOTOR III. However, have faith for now.

    It would make complete sense for this segment to bridge the gap between the first and second series. Playing as Clementine would also make sense, given that it's her navigating to the grassy field and the only other characters who could be left are Kenny and Omid/Christa. Not sure where this'll go, i.e. whether it'll be a chapter long enough to get Clem to the area and reveal the fates of the series one characters but not reveal the figures on the hill, or whether it'll get to them, reveal them and stop there. Personally, I'd see it more as the conclusion of the first series, but with enough left for there still to be some cliffhanger for fans of the first before the second.

    As has been said, it would be logical for the second season to start fresh, or at least have resolved the fates of all the characters from series one, tying up any loose ends. I think it's a good move, because as well as getting more WD, it means they'll have more time to really perfect the sequel (hopefully addressing the choice issue to at least some extent with playable alternatives) without overly impatient fans breathing down their necks.
  • zev_zev;773805 said:
    Does anybody can tell me what it mean? Episode between seasons?
    Yeah,there will be an episode between the first and the second season. :)
    Btw, IGN-Confirmed,we are waiting for official news from Telltale.
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