How far ahead does telltale plan their games?

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I was replaying Season 1 today. When I got to episode 6, the talisman things reminded me of the psychic toys in The Devils Playhouse. When Max was inside that diamond thing hypnotizing people, I started thinking I bet that is why his brain is so special. After a few minutes, I remembered that his grandfathers brain was special. So I guess I was wrong. I dont really know why I am writing this.


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    Good question, it would also explain how Max was unable to be hypotised without having to use the anti mind control helmet Sam got from Bosco.
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    I remember reading that the Devil's Playhouse was planned right after season 2 had ended, but I don't recall where. Probably somewhere on this forum?

    Anyway, yeah! That is weird, isn't it? Maybe the idea of psychic powers have just been rattling around in Telltale's brain for a while.
    Then again, that sort of paranormal weirdness seems right up Sam and Max's alley, so who knows? Could just be coincidental.

    (another possibility could be that the idea is a holdover from the television show! I, uh, never really got into it.)
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    Max has always being Crazy and made no sense

    That is why he can so easily become a psychic God
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