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Playing in the same timeframe, but different perspective

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Okay, Gary Whitta has mentioned that Telltale will most likely release something related to the Walking Dead before season 2 is out. I know we don't have any solid information beyond that and it might be too early to even speculate on it, but I'd figured I would give it a try. My thoughts are that Telltale might release an episode or two that might focus on certain characters from the series during the same exact timeframe of three months and what exactly happened to them during that time period.

It would interesting to have a DLC that focused on Crawford for example when it was a functional society. Perhaps play as a group of Crawford residents that begin to rebel against Oberson, who would be the main villain, and have Molly appear as a cameo appearance (or a playable character). Rough idea, but I think that could be done incredibly well and further peel away layers of the story, perhaps even reveal that Crawford actually murdered Clem's parents during their raids on Savannah or something to that extent.

Another interesting take I think would be playing as the Stranger for an episode and witness firsthand his account and even show what he truly had to do to stay alive. Playing as the main antagonist is something Dead Island did and I thought it was a really interesting concept, even though I really did not like the game in general beyond the story for that particular DLC.

There are so many directions this could take; Clem's parents, Vernon's group (before and after they stole the boat) and many others. Telltale may not be doing something like this, but if they were to do an episode or two that illustrated the events taking place at the same time in the eyes of other characters, it would be a really interesting way to compliment the story told thus far, and even contain some nice foreshadows to get fans ready for the next season.
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  • I'd actually just like to play in the missing months between Episode one and two. After the emotional ride that was the first season I think it'd be very cathartic to temporarily return to, in retrospect, a happier time. Let you interact with all your favorite characters one more time.

    Instead of any kind of arcing story the episode could be devoted to shorter little stories of things that happened in between, get a chance to maybe say things you wished you had the chance to say before everyone was dead. Give each character a tiny bit of time in the spotlight, show where Mark came from and finally get to know him a little better.

    Despite the time frame it'd actually serve as a nice little epilogue where you get to see everyone one last time. Think of it as some sugar to help the medicine that was the ending of season go down.
  • I'd like to play an epilogue, likely as Clem herself. I am against her being the player character for season 2, but if it's only for a brief time, and there is minimal human character interaction to muddle her personality with the player's, I think it can work.

    As good as it was to know that Clem escapes Savannah alive and well, it didn't exactly match up to what I instructed her to do (on any of my playthroughs). How did she get out when the walker cammo wore off? Why didn't she go where I told her? Where were Omid and Christa? What actually happened to Kenny?

    It can stop right where it did in episode 5, with Clem in a field at sunrise, deciding what to do about the two figures off in the distance. I just want the final player scene to transition to the epilogue scene a bit more smoothly.
  • How about playing as Mark, Chuck, Ben, Christa or Omid before they meet the group?
  • Jaded X Gamer;773730 said:
    I'd actually just like to play in the missing months between Episode one and two.
    I'd like that too. Maybe that will be what it actually is :D
  • I like the idea of seeing what happened in between Lee's death and Clem being in a field somewhere.
    What I'd really like to see is a less interactive, more movie-like episode where you see what happened to Christ and Omid, Kenny, and Clem during the time frame between the two events. Obviously Clem could be guided and whatnot, but I think that we should have few or no dialog options, more like we're guiding her through the city. (She seems like she might rely more on stealth than battling.)
    Just to clarify - by few or no dialog options, I mean that most of the game would be cut scenes. If she were going to talk to someone, it would be a cut scene, and we might have the option to go away or not afterward, which might also effect season 2.
    Depending on our choices in the game, she could be skeptical of approaching Christa and Omid and chooses to eavesdrop on them, she could run into a zombified, perfectly fine, or one-armed Kenny and have similar options to runaway, observe, or interact with him.
    But I wouldn't hope it would last more than one episode, even if it were 2 1/2 hours long. I definitely wouldn't want it to be more than 2 episodes.
    Telltale isn't The Walking Dead place, it's a game company that has made many great games. I'd hate for people who've been waiting years for their next installments of other games to have to wait even longer for them to put TWD at the top of their list.
    Also I don't want them focusing on so much DLC for TWD that season 2 is just kind of a unsurprising bore. I doubt they'd do that, because they have been consistent in their great games.
    Another worry I have (and I guess this is getting off topic, and I do apologize for it! :P) is that if they rush out more and more Walking Dead content, that they will lose quality, whether in writing or graphics or both, but also the quality of fans.
    I admit, I hadn't heard of TTG before TWD, and I remember seeing some threads about the flood of newbies and whatnot when I joined. But we've played several of the games (we did the giant pre-order package :P) and have really enjoyed TTG for what they are, and not just TWD.
    I'd hate for it to become a meeting place for rabid, impatient fans. And maybe that's bias, and maybe some could argue that it's already become that, but it'd be disappointing, at least for me.

    But to get back to the original topic, I love the idea of having some playable but mostly movie-esque DLC for it, specifically seeing the in between periods. I do like the sound of maybe finding out more about the stranger and Crawford, but I just think it'd be so much more interesting to see what happened to Clem, Kenny, Christa and Omid after Lee died! :D

    Edit -
    I guess it would be interesting, too, to actually be able to play the character's back stories (or just watch them). Could be a compilation of short clips: Lee finding his wife cheating on him, we find out how the murder went down (cold blood, self defense, heat of the moment), we see his family disown him, see him being defeated in court. We see Lilly and Larry as kinder people who didn't have to worry so much, Larry being proud of her returning home from her stint in the air force, Clem celebrating her bday with her parents shortly before they go to Savannah, Christa and Omid before the apocalypse, probably not together, but wishing for something more, Kenny and the fam on his fishing boat, so on.
    I think it would be cool to learn more about the characters that we grew close to. :D
  • I can't say much, as I don't really like anything else of Telltale's games. TWD has been an addiction of mine for a long time now, as I've read the comics, watched the show, the webisodes, played this game, and am going for Survival Instinct next. Sorry if I seem to be trying to make Telltale focus mainly on TWD game, well I'm not, and I understand where you are coming from. I'd hope the next season would come out soon, but I think the other titles deserve the priority. I know how I'd feel if I was waiting for my game and some other title took the primary focus. I'd be pissed. So yeah, I get ya. We may be newbies, but all people were at some point. And 2, I don't see any other game of Telltale's with this success, no offense to Telltale or people of the other forums, but yeah :P
  • Yeah, we came with the flood of newbies caused by TWD hehe. I'd love to see TWD hit before 2014, but I've seen people talking about the long waits on other games, and I can't ask them to wait longer just 'cause I'm impatient lol! xD
    I hope you didn't think I was like trying to get on your case or something. (I don't think you did, but I wanted to clarify.) I get to rambling sometimes, and it wasn't aimed at anyone in particular - just a thought I had, because I was thinking about how much time would be invested in the DLC, and how much time that would be taking away from other games and whatnot. :)
    TWD is my favorite title from TTG, too. We've been pretty obsessed for a while now, also! So I really do understand hehe. And I am DEFINITELY looking forward to the DLC..or what I really hope will be DLC. At this point I think I'd be really upset if it was just a 15 second teaser trailer for S2 lol.
  • I'd prefer to see something set between Episodes 1 and 2. I liked the original group a bit too much to play as someone else in their Season, and between Episodes 1 and 2 the group was all still alive and happy (happy, as in comparison to how they were after the events of Episode 3.) It'd be nice seeing Lee, Kenny, Carley, Kat, Duck, and even Larry alive again. Heck, maybe they could even put Mark in there, so we could get to know him a bit more before he goes all Lt. Dan at the dairy.
  • Episode 1.5 would be the best thing ever.
  • or it could be a lee lives Dlc were he didnt get bitten lol
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