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Would you have liked for Lee to take more of a leadership role in season 1?

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  • In episode 1 there was no real leader of the group as they had all just met in the Drug Store.
  • In episode 2 both Kenny and Lily were battling for the leadership. Lee had to choose a side in the power struggle but there was no option where he could volunteer himself to be the leader.
  • In episode 3 it is still between Kenny/Lily for the leadership. After Lily's departure Kenny then pretty much becomes the leader saying that they are going to stick with his boat plan.
  • In episode 4 Kenny has withdrawn somewhat from his leadership role because of his families death,so Lee does slightly become more of a leader in the group. When Clem finds the boat Kenny's hope is restored and he becomes somewhat more of a leader again.
  • In episode 5 there is no clear leader because generally the group is working together to save Clem. Although you could argue in the attic Kenny becomes a bit more of a leader again when he is telling Lee how things are gonna be if he takes another turn for the worse.
I would have liked the opportunity for Lee to become the leader of the group, a thing which Carley thought he would be good at because as she said in episode 2 that people looked up to him. Rick had his RICKTATORSHIP, it would have been nice for Lee to have a LEEDERSHIP. :D Hopefully in season 2 the protagonist will have this opportunity. Your thoughts?
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  • double_u;771194 said:
    I pretty much agree with all your observations. The only reason I think Lee had for holding back in 1-2 is that Larry knew about his past. If Lee tried to join the leadership fight then, Larry would've said something about that to help Lilly.

    That said, I really think Lee should've step up to the plate more after episode 2 when it came to leadership roles. He was too much of a go-between at times trying to make peace between Kenny and Lilly. And when Kenny began pushing to go to Savannah even AFTER Duck died and Christa saying the cities are all screwed, Lee should've step up and taken over, for Clem's sake at least.
    Yeah thats a good point,Lee was pretty powerless while Larry was still alive but yeah like you said after episode 2 i would have liked to see him step up more.
  • I guess they wanted us to be the kind of person who would want to please everyone, be as neutral as possible. I hated it though, I'm trying to be nice to everyone but there is always someone who would hate me for one mistake =.=
  • AnnaSan;771231 said:
    I guess they wanted us to be the kind of person who would want to please everyone, be as neutral as possible. I hated it though, I'm trying to be nice to everyone but there is always someone who would hate me for one mistake =.=
    Exactly, it's saying you can't please everyone, which is true. No matter the circumstances, there is always someone somewhere on the planet who will disagree with you. Probably even more so in a zombie apocalypse, because with no government everyone will be wanting to make their own rules and be their own boss.
  • It's not about who's the god damn leader! It's about survival :c
  • Lee did become the unofficial leader come episode four and five.

    (These quotes aren't accurate).

    "Everyone looks up to you."

    "Okay guys, Clem and I going to check out this abandoned station back here. Come if you hear anything!"

    "We'll do both, Ben scavenge whatever supplies you can find in the house. Kenny and I will go to the river."

    "Okay guys, here's the plan: we sneak in, take what we can undetected and get out."

    "Christa! Fortify the windows! Kenny! Check our weapons! Ben! Go upstairs! Omid! ... Everyone, the front doors!"

    I really liked his role in the group and development into a pseudo-leader.
  • Web Head;771255 said:
    It's not about who's the god damn leader! It's about survival :c
    True but a good leader can greatly increase the chances of survival.
  • I agree, I tried to take charge whenever I could but Lee was afraid of what Larry had knew about his past. Everyone looked up to Lee though, he was always the idea's man or the advice man, he was the person everyone looked up to when in doubt so I think he might of just taken on the leader role.
  • Well, personally I am more of a follower than a leader, so I never tried to take control of the group. I always felt as if Lee was happier staying at the sidelines instead of taking direct control.

    In any case, considering how much influence he had on the rest of the group, he might as well be the "unofficial" leader.
  • Sometimes being the proclaimed leader of a group does not mean you are the one in charge. If you have a smart person who wants none of the blame when things go bad, you advocate to make a person in charge and control his/her decisions behind the scenes by placing a friend or easily coerced person in charge.

    However, I always felt that Lee was the one in charge (even though Lilly seemed to always jump at the title of being in charge and Kenny would make his own decisions and argue with her) as he always was looked at to make (or sit on the fence) a decision in favor of one or the other. Once Lilly was out of the picture, everyone always looked to Lee as the decision maker (except Kenny with his boat idea that he wouldn't let go) on what to do.

    I did like the way TTG allowed you to make decisions or just sit out and let the others fight it out which allowed people who wanted to make decisions do so (at the peril of angering others) or just sit back and watch the fireworks.
  • Yeah, I felt like lee was just along for the ride, he took none of the opportunities to take control and he didn't even bother to be assertive really. Your observations are pretty good and they clearly show lee's can't be bothered attitude. I realise that lee probably didn't want to step on anyone's toes but I felt like he trod too carefully and took no risks in the leadership department, he could have tried harder to get control on the group and take charge...
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