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Which is your worst Monkey Island game?

posted by ryannumber1gamer on - last edited - Viewed by 1.6K users
Personally i would say Escape from Monkey Island is the worst Monkey Island game in my opinion. Don't get me wrong its good and all but i'm on the second act were you just get out of the pirate school (I think) and i have not really played it that much then :/
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    Escape is my least favorite Monkey Island game, though that is not to say that it is a bad adventure game. I just wasn't really a fan of the art direction (*cough*smurf houses*cough*) or the overall storyline.
  • I know it is very popular to hate Escape, but I actually like it (and yes, it was my first monkey island game).

    No, the worst is definitely LeChuck's Revenge. Mainly because I really hated the end, this kind of thing tends to ruin an adventure game for me (same happened with machinarium which was cute up until the end).
  • In my personal opinion, "Escape from Monkey Island" is the worst in the series. Suffice it to say that seeing the graphics of that game feels like a kick in the fundament. Really... all the persons in that game look like they were coming right out of the original "Alone In The Dark" game (you know... the one from 1992). In "Grim Fandango" that still worked because the persons in that game were skeletons and demons. It looked quite okay that way. But in "Escape" that just didn't work. Also the controls absolutely suck.

    But there's something a LOT worse about that game: "Escape from Monkey Island" almost managed to ruin the whole Monkey Island universe!! It took the present day tourist/vacation atmosphere a step TOO far and almost ruined the franchise with pop culture/brand references. (Thank God, Telltale managed to re-ignite the spark of a swashbuckling adventure in "Tales"!)

    Also LeChuck was turned into some sort of Sunday morning cartoon character – whereas before he was a frightening and unpredictable villain with strange voodoo (and/or ghostly) powers. After the ending of "Escape", one couldn't help but feel a sense of ridiculousness (as in: "hahaha *sigh* let's see what that droll LeChuck will be up to next"... :rolleyes:). (Thanks to Telltale he is a fearsome demon pirate once again!)
  • I'm gonna go with Secret only cos It didn't make me laugh as much as the others. I can forgive Escapes flaws (which only bother me when you end up on monkey island) because I love the jokes in it.
  • Escape. Only because it looks like it was completely unfinished and was rushed trying to keep the series alive.
  • I think they made Guybrush dumber in Escape.
    It did look that way, anyway.
  • I have a feeling that not a whole lot of people liked the "monkey combat" part of Escape.
  • it wasn't the monkey-combat, it was the interface that killed the game for me (yeayea, escape).

    same with grim fandango. it nearly ruined one of the best adventrue games ever. curse and full throttle had the best interface imho.
  • To be frank, I think the first Nelly Cootalot was a better MI game than Escape, but that's less of a dig on EFMI than it is a praise of how good Nelly Cootalot is.

    But, EFMI does have Murray and Ozzie Mandrill, who are both golden. My main problems are that its setting is way too modernized and the art direction isn't as good as any of the other games.
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