BTTF overheating problem!


I started playing the back to the future episodes and all seems well until after some point the graphics get blown into a black screen. The game keeps playing (or at least the voices can be heard) but I’m forced to reboot the computer.

I also noticed the game is somehow overheating the video card which is kind of odd and i almost lost it the first time I played the game. I had to do a full maintenance including new thermal paste for both cpu and gpu but I just got the same result playing episode 1 again and i really don’t think this game is heavier than bioshock 1 or 2 with the highest settings.

I'm playing the version that came in the DVD, is there a patch I’m not aware of? or should I play the downloadable versions instead?


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    Are you playing the Mac or PC version? My Mac's video card was getting really hot as well, but I downloaded a fan control application, where I could control the speed of the fan myself.
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    I'm using the PC version, it's a shame, i wanted to play the game but I don’t want to compromise my video card.
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    That's really odd.
    Please upload the results of the support tool for PC.
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    The tool created an empty file so i saved the dxdiag file directly and im attatching it here.
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    glenfx wrote: »
    The tool created an empty file so i saved the dxdiag file directly and im attatching it here.

    That's weird. I would like to know more about it. Can you please run it again, and this time attach all files the tool created. If there's any bug in it I would like to fix that.

    Also are there any special characters (others than a-z) in your windows user account's name?

    About the overheating. You can try running the game in lower graphics settings. That should be less taxing on your system.
    With a proper cooling solution you should be able to max out your GPU without having issues, so i suspect there might not be enough air flow in your pc case. How many case fans of which size do you have?
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    The tool doesn’t find a prefs.prop and then it says it can’t find the "find" -file- and it doesn’t recognize it as a command (I don’t know if it’s because my OS is in Spanish although if it’s a command it shouldn’t be translated.).

    I'm attaching the file the tool created here as well.

    My username doesn’t have any special characters or numbers in it.

    My video card has a huge fan attached to it and I placed an extra small one behind it, also the power supply has another huge fan that moves a lot of air around, I have one of the front drive slots removed and since last time when my video card almost got burned I also detached the side panel.

    What intrigues me is why I can play much more demanding games without overheating the video card while this game does and it doesn't have the graphics, effects or dynamics to support such demand on the hardware.
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    I see. I don't know why the find command would be missing, but we don't need it for this issue i believe.

    The other games you play are probably even less demanding GPU wise, because they focus more on graphics and the engines are optimized for performance.

    Removing any parts of the case might actually destroy the airflow and render some Fans useless.

    I suggest we do some measurements for the GPU.

    Please download GPU-Z.
    Start it, select the "sensors" tab, and activate "Log to File" at the bottom of the window.
    Choose a location for the log file.

    Now run the game until it crashes.
    Then Zip the file and attach it to a reply in this thread.
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    hey, apparently it was my video card dying, it seems to be a capacitor malfunction.
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    Thanks for the update.
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