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Molly in season 2

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Here's a question that I don't think that has been asked yet until now; Do you want to see Molly in season 2 and be around longer or no?

As for me, I'm hoping that she returns and stays in the group longer than just one episode. True, she may not be much of a team player, but I think being around Lee and his group helped changed that (if Lee was sympathetic about her sister and she was saved at Crawford)
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  • If any of the s1 characters are the PC for s2, it should be Molly IMHO.
  • I would like to see her. Although I don't want her to play a huge role for season 2.
  • Same, an episode or 2 would be fine :P I don't really want her to be a 'long-term' character. She's too lone wolf to be going in a group. And her badassery isn't completely realistic, for TWD it doesn't feel right to have her as a main character
  • Robert Morgan;774480 said:
    Maybe it's the fact we didn't meet Molly until episode four, or maybe it's because I just found her spiky and unpleasant, but I don't have any real enthusiasm to see her again.
    Seconded. Being a wall-scaling ninja who mastered melee combat would probably make her feel a bit out of place with a struggling group, but I admittedly was never a huge fan of her personality in the first place.

    Maybe I was bitter that I couldn't call her out for inadvertently killing Chuck. Maybe it was because she was so casual about planning to leave me for dead, or that she risked the whole group for a photograph.

    Though my dislike was probably cemented when she snarkily smiled and said, "Nice group you got here." when Kenny was screaming about the death of his wife and child. Classy...
  • Molly will appear in the future i believe. For how long i dont know. The fact that in crawford when she needs lee to help by shooting the zombie off of her three things can happen 1-lee shoots zombie saving her. 2-If clem is there she shoots zombie saving her. 3-lee shoots and misses hitting molly in the arm to which she flees.1 and 2 she comes back to the house with the group.The 3rd you never see what happens she just runs off shot. This tells me she will be back.
  • in the view of all that is ZA she should not appear. she made the game feel less real by doing unreal things.

    I was starving
    I was needing medical help
    I was falling apart with my friends
    then this redninja comes in and makes everything we've done look easy.
    i felt jaded by her and her presence mocked my struggles
    made "lee" feel he may have been better alone.

    NO Molly now....
    No Molly ever!
  • The only way i could see molly as a protaganist is if she is the caretaker of clem.
    she's prolly the only character i've seen that could raise clem and teach her the survivor skills needed when the ZA stuff gets bad...and it always gets bad.
    every group falls, so giving clem the survival skills of molly and some much needed extra cardio

    RULE NUMBER 1 CARDIO...lots and lots and lots
  • Yea Lily/Ken/Omid/Christa/Vernon couldnt possibly take care of clem. They can barely keep themselves alive. Kenny/Lily both proved they cannot protect theyre own. Omid is small dumb and worthless. Christa is pregant(Death Sentence). Vernon is old and weak.Unarmed man took his gun without even a struggle. Im not a real big fan of molly but at least clem could learn somthing from her.
  • GREYxDUZxKRUSH;775415 said:
    Omid is small dumb and worthless.
    Wait, what? What game did you play? In my game Omid was jovial, and flippant. Not dumb nor worthless.
  • anonymau5;775506 said:
    Wait, what? What game did you play? In my game Omid was jovial, and flippant. Not dumb nor worthless.
    jovial and flippant is not the characteristics i want in my daughters ZA savior.
    I wouldnt have said omid was a bad guy...just too eager and trustworthy...but who knows maybe he has a great sense of character and thats why he swiftly gravitated towards Lee

    i'd trust my daughter to Molly or Michonne. they are the best equipped/prepared for survival and could best teach these lessons to our Clem.
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