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Shooting the Girl in the street

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Okay so when Lee and Kenny are out hunting for supplies and the girl comes out screaming, and you have the choice to either shoot or not shoot, what did you decide and how does it effect the story?

I chose to leave her as a distraction, I thought the zombies might come after me.
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  • Shot her and still got enough supplies to make everyone happy. Next run left her got all the supplies because I was curious to see if it affected the didn't. The choice to shoot or not really has no significant bearing on the outcome of the story and is meant to serve as a moral test. Are you like Lee who still feels compassion for his fellow human beings, or are you like Kenny who is steadily losing it? Shoot her or not, though, it does'nt affect the outcome. However much you bring back, its all still lost to the bandits after your escape during the raid.
  • Left her, she gives you more time to loot the shop, I wasn't gonna shoot her and then gain uneccesary attention to myself. Our group is more important than one stupid woman who clearly decided to get herself into that position and either way she would have ended up dead. And Kenny then goes and tells the group about it well, if I remember rightly he was the one who said to leave her.

    Kenny is a bit off sometimes but I can't help but like him... But I left that woman she was just a distraction to allow me to get as much as I could from the shop.
  • I mercy killed her. From a zombie survivalist point of view, it was a stupid move that would have gotten Lee and Kenny killed, but I didn't regret it one bit.

    At least I knew that I spared a complete stranger from having to face an unnecessarily long and painful death, just for a risky chance that I might have a little more time to scavenge a few more items out of the shop before we were inevitably found.
  • I left her, since she was dead either way. If she hadn't been bit and/or Lee was alone, it would've been a more difficult choice.

    I took it as a case where morality was in the eye of the beholder. Would it have been any less moral to immediately risk the life of the guy I was with (and I don't like Kenny in the least) and potentially the rest of the group for the sake of a "clear" conscience?

    Like a lot of the choices, I saw it as a choice of whether I wanted my poo sandwich on wheat or white bread.
  • Rommel49;774795 said:
    Like a lot of the choices, I saw it as a choice of whether I wanted my poo sandwich on wheat or white bread.
    Nice metaphor!
  • Leaving her was easy choice. She is dead already. Im not, so why risk it?
  • This is one of the few choices for which I don't have a strong preference one way or the other.

    I shot her my first playthrough, left her my second.
  • thestalkinghead;683096 said:
    the story of how she ended up on the street :)

    Hilarious!!! :D

    I shot her the first time by accident...i was trying to clear out a running lane for her and restarted the system right when i shot her...i was like WTF??

    next time around...i realised it was a moral decision and you cant saver her i chose to save ours. i left her.

    stupid girl every first person shooting gamer knows to serpentine SERPENTINE! :p
  • I left her all times but 1, just to see what would happen. Although there is little difference, leaving her was just the right decision.
  • I shot her. I mean, being eaten like that is one of the worst fates I can imagine. I wouldn't put that on my worst enemy.
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