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Parents who play?

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I'm actually really curious how many parents have played TWD game, and if you felt it affected your game play/results because you did or didn't have kids.
I know I couldn't help but replace Clem with my daughter. It was hard to not think about "Okay, if Tes was with me, which approach would I take?"

So did you replace Clem with your kid, did you have any paternal feelings towards her, if you didn't have children, do you feel like she was a kid to you, so on and so forth.
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  • I have a 4 year old daughter and I definitely replaced Clem with her and thought about the choices I would make in that situation.
    That's why I would always choose Clem above anyone or anything.
    My daughter is a big fan of Clem as well. Whenever something could happen to Clem, she started screaming at the screen that she should get away or I should save her. Also, she wants her hat (like lotsa people on the board)

    By the way, having seen the age topic on this forum, there won't be a lot of parents. Most players are 20 and below, from the ones who've written down their ages.
  • I played this game with my Dad as I do all point and clicks
    (They are the only games he can really manage)
    And we both really enjoyed it and he helped me make all moral decisions though was sometimes more sensible than me and was more practical than emotional
    He still prefers Monkey Island...
  • I'm not a parent, but I had my mom play it. I didn't see any noticeable differences. If anything, I was more protective of Clementine.
  • One of my friends who played is a dad, he has two little girls. It really hurt him to have to shoot Duck.
  • Yeah, that was a difficult choice as well. That whole scene gave me chills down my spine.
  • I made my mom play it she liked ep 2 the best :D
  • @JordyLicht:
    Haha! My daughter's almost 2, so she didn't really much care about the game one way or the other. She mostly likes zombies. (Movies, shows, games, she thinks they're funny. I'm not sure what that's about. Must take after me lol. :P) And I'm in agreement with your daughter, and several others, when I say I want the hat, too! Especially for my girl. I would love to dress her as Clem for Halloween haha.
    I know there are a lot of youngins, on the boards. But hey, there are a lot of people with kids at 20 now. I can't say much, I'm turning 26 soon and I'm pregnant with our second. :P

    That sounds like fun hehe. We tried to play it with my parents whenever we visited, but they couldn't agree on choices and we are greedy about our save files. (Me and the hubby each have our own, and we didn't want to override ours so each of them could have their own lol.)

    How funny! lol I don't know why, but for some reason your post made me picture the mom from the Terminator movies!

    That was a toughy for us, too. But I was actually more pissed at Kenny than I was upset about shooting Duck. I couldn't believe he was just ignoring the situation! But when it came to the actual scene where Katjaa's sprawled on the ground and Duck's taking his last breaths, it was really heartbreaking.

    Nice! Hehe :D What did she think of the ending??
  • I'm not a parent, but I started seeing Clem as my own daughter in a way, so I was choosing all the decisions that would be best for Clem. I think that this is how you know if the game you are playing is a good one, if you start feeling emotions towards characters.

    I know that people who are parents and played The Walking Dead probably chose Clem over anything else because their children turned into Clem and you were probably thinking if that were your kid what would you do, most likely do anything to ensure the safety of Clem :)

    This is why The Walking Dead is one of my favourite games as it is really emotional and it really hits home the fact of how important family is to us, and I think this is enstilled throughout the game of how your family is all you really have.
  • Parents who play The Walking Dead are awesome because they're not poisoned by what the media misleads them to, or the wrong mentality (games = violence).

    I'm not a parent, but I hope someday I will.
  • I have 2 daughters and a son. No I never considered Clem my daughter, but she did have an influence on my actions.
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