TWD Not Carry Choices Over Between CH 2-3 PC_Support file included.

This is really my last ditch effort. I'm desperate to finish the game, but months ago when I went to go on to Chapter 3 it asks me to "Generate random choices for skipped missions" even when I have played Chapter 1 and 2 fully. I can even pull up the "Stats" window to see all the choices I made. I have been waiting in for a patch or something that might at least just add a "Re-select your choices manually before the chapter" but it seems that's not coming. I see that there's a PC Support Tool now that might allow someone to help diagnose my problems to see if there might be a fix. I'm really hoping that anyone can help me. I've attached the file the support tool generates.


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    I see some prefs.prop backups on your desktop. The one in the "Original" folder seems to small to be valid. Is that what was in your savegame folder before you tried copying the one from the steam folder over it, or were there more workarounds you tried already?

    If you .zip and upload your prefs.prop and *.save files i can take a look at them.
    Please upload them to an instant filehoster and post the download link.

    Since it happened months ago, it might be too late to try this, but back then your best chance would have been to try the "restore previous version" feature (right click, "properties", "restore previous version") on the prefs.prop in the savegame folder.
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    I appreciate your assistance in this matter even if it's too late for me. Thank you anyway for the help you're providing.

    I made two backup folders on my Desktop before trying to re-arrange some things. I had a really small "prefs.prop" in Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead which is what I put in "Original" for safe keeping. The other backup folder is "Steam Original" which contains the "prefs.prop" that was in steamapps\common\the walking dead\Pack\default. From what I've read elsewhere that should never have been there, but that's the file that has all my data in it. I've since migrated that to the Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead and made sure there's no leftover prefs.prop in the steam section of folders.

    I have no available Previous Versions unfortunately.

    Here's my collected save/prefs.prop files.
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    I tried playing through the end of Episode 2 again, but it didn't create a new savegame and it still wanted to create random choices for episode 3.

    Then i went ahead and let it create random choices, which actually resulted in your choices being intact, as far as i can tell.

    I then remembered something from the support FAQ, so if you click on "generate choices" it should work for you too.

    Should it not work for whatever reason, here's the files from my attempt, showing the correct decisions.
    [URL= Walking]The Walking[/URL]
    Mike wrote: »
    I've already beaten Episodes 1 and 2 and when attempting to load Episode 3, it asks me to randomize my decisions. Are my choices lost?

    No, they're not! This is slightly complicated, but there are a few things that can cause that to pop up.

    If you quit out of either of the first two episodes during the end of the game or on the stats screen, before the credits roll, it won't successfully flag your game as having been completed. However, all of your choices are correctly saved and you can import them into Episode 3 without issue. You WILL get a prompt asking if you would like to randomize your choices for this episodes since your save game isn't technically flagged as being completed, but your choices ARE saved and WILL import into the new Episode. When it asks you if you want to randomize your choices, say YES. Again, this is misleading, but it WILL import your choices.

    This issue can also pop up if you've ever used the Rewind feature to revisit certain portions of either of the previous Episodes. Once you've done that, your save will no longer be flagged as completed and will not update again until you've beaten the game and gotten to the credits screen. Your choices will still be saved, however, and saying yes to the random choices prompt when starting a new episode will actually import your choices correctly.

    The long and short of this is that if you have successfully completed Episodes 1 and 2 at some point on your current save, and are getting the randomized choices prompt on Episode 3, you can safely ignore it. The only time it would actually randomize your choices is if you haven't actually played Episodes 1 and/or 2.

    I know this is totally confusing, and we are looking into an update to make this process more clear. I definitely apologize for any confusion or frustration it's caused.
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    Sorry it took me so long to get back with you. I just want to thank you again for all your help. Your version of the saves worked and I now am able to finally continue with the choices I made. I did try the "randomly generate" as was suggested a while back, but it picked all new choices for me. I'm not sure where it went wrong but your assistance has me back on track and it was greatly appreciated. Thanks again for your dedication.
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    You're welcome. I am glad it worked.
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