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Plot threads from S1 that HAVE to be resolved/continued in S2

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Take your pick.
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  • Vernon. That motherfucker ain't getting away with MY boat.
    Lilly's fate and Lee's influence on Clem are also interesting.
  • I'd say every single choice except for the one about Lilly's fate.
  • Clementine's fate above all else. Then I want Lilly back. She was an awesome character, and I can't wait to see her possible reactions to Lee and Kenny's deaths.

    Christa and Omid are great characters, but I won't throw a fit if they're not in season 2.
  • I'd say every single one but Kenny's boat plan. We already saw that that worked out pretty horribly, right? Of course, Clem's fate is the most important, so that's why I voted for it.
  • Arrrgggghhh, I forgot to add Molly! I knew I'd miss something...
  • number one is clems fate but i would like to to know what happened to everyone except Lilly we already know what happens to her well the people who read the graphic novel know what happens to her :)
  • Oh I'll say Clem's fate - she was the centerpiece for season 1.

    I don't, on the other hand, want her as the centerpiece or heavens forbid the main character for season 2 though.

    I hope Molly is left open and vague....I'd prefer her to be something to bring in to "improve the mood" or something...... or something......
  • 1. Clems fate. 2. Death to omid and christa
  • The biggest thing I want to see is Christa's pregnancy play out. I don't think TTG would go there though...
  • ...I think it's obvious what wins here lol. I voted for Lee's influence on Clementine simply because to have her be influenced she has to be seen and played out lol. But I like pretty much all the options except for Lilly's fate. Haters gon hate.
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