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Who do you think should take care of....

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Clem after S1 and why? 1. Kenny 2. Lily 3. Vernon 4. Molly 5. Christa/Omid 6. Clem herself 7. New cast member.
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  • The only way i could see molly as a protaganist is if she is the caretaker of clem.
    she's prolly the only character i've seen that could raise clem and teach her the survivor skills needed when the ZA stuff gets bad...and it always gets bad.
    every group falls, so giving clem the survival skills of molly and some much needed extra cardio

    RULE NUMBER 1 CARDIO...lots and lots and lots
  • i vote for a new group. Separate from this one. at the end of series 2 have two of our new survivors meet Clem in the field and that starts series 3. giving the gamers a break from the "nanny" role is good. It will also give the writers more diversity with the new story so we can have a greater impact on series 3. In series 2 if our choices dynamically change who survives to make it in series 3 we will be the ultimate deciders of who the two shadowy figures are.

    that'd be pretty Kool
  • christa and omid. i said they should take care of her in the attic, and i meant it. they're good people, and since they have their own child on the way, it's not like the burden of parenting is being thrust on them from out of nowhere (even if ti is a bit earlier than they expected)
  • ^ *12 years from now*

    Little Girl: "Hey mom, what is Clementine doing?"
    Christa: "She's just remembering what today was."
    Little Girl: "Is it her birthday...?"
    Christa: "No... It was the day she met Lee."
    Girl: "Lee?"

    Girl: "That guy sounds like a badass."

    Real story right there :P I can kinda see something like that happening though, seeing as the 4 of them make it that long. I hope Clem never forgets Lee. :/ He never even got buried...
  • Voto por un nuevo equipo, la verdad ninguno da el ancho, Verno sabia de la niña y la dejo, Kenny igual de todos modos Ben se tenia que morir, Christa y Omid se fueron como si nada, votaria por Clem pero es pequeña y le falta más experiencia aunque no seria mala idea de cuidarse ella misma.
  • The reasons i wouldnt pick omid/christa are 1. Christa is pregnant(Death Sentence) 2. Omid isnt a Rick/Lee type character. He is small, uncordinated, tells shitty jokes when everything is falling down, and hasnt ever saved anyone to my knowledge. Do you think a pregnant woman and her lil bitch could protect clem against the herd or bandits? Omid couldnt even fight off one man much less 10. I bet doug would kick his ass. Yea clem likes them but thats not enough to say they are cut out for the job.
  • Kenny, because he is the only capable person left in group besides lee
  • Omid and Christa, besides the fact that they could actually be something that resembles a family, they've done well enough by themselves since the poo hit the fan.

    The fact they know how to actually avoid danger in addition to defending themselves is a plus, too. Insofar as their ability to keep the people they care about safe, they have a better track record than pretty much all of the other options, atleast that we can see. Molly lost her sister, Kenny lost his entire family, etc.
  • DreadMagus;775730 said:
    Chuck Greene
    I don't think we need a maniacal motorbike riding psycho with a Clementine doll on his back...
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