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I just started playing this game.

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In one scene I wasnt fast enough the first time to save someone. The second time I was fast enough to click on the guy. I wonder if I was fast enough if both the man and little boy would have been saved.
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  • ...I'd suggest avoiding the spoilers forum if you're just starting, but no, Shawn can't be saved.
  • And I'd suggest waiting until you finish the game before you start changing your decisions.
    Nothing wrong with a second play-through, especially when the game has such great replay value. ;)
  • And trying to save Shawn doesn't help anything, except piss 'someone' off ;)
  • Yup, play it your way first, don't mind not being able to save someone, don't change your decisions because they piss someone off, just do it your way, because you will be confronted with your choices, by some characters, and it is interesting to see how you would act in Lee's shoes, so avoid the spoilers forum, and go ahead do your thing! :D
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