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Troubles downloading Walking Dead episode 4

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I love the walking dead games, i truly do, but there is one problem i always seem to have... The downloading. It happened with episode 2 the first time and it took days to download. A message saying "Connection lost while downloading data. Please ensure you have a working internet connection and re-attempt download." and whats worse is it doesn't go anywhere! It starts at 0.00% (Which is probably not supposed to happen...) and then flashes to 10% for a millisecond then the message pops up. I don't know what i did to make Episode 2 work but i think it had something to do with me re-downloading the entire game. But i really don't want to do that now, with all the progress I've made. I really just want to play the game and i would expect more from a website that specializes has downloadable games. i really hope this problem gets fixed because the sooner i can play the game the better. Thanks.
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  • As it seems there are many of us with this issue. I've supported Telltale since Bone games. I'm afraid will not do so anymore
  • What bullshi.....t. Telltale fix your Crap....
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    We have isolated the issue that was preventing people from downloading Episode 4. Please shut down and re-launch the game application. A new patch will automatically download and then you should be able to download all episodes through the in-game menu. I do apologize for the delay in sorting this out.
  • Yep, this is a "funny" issue. After downloading episode 3 which was bloody hard to get, I started downloading episode 4 and to my surprise it did at 99% already!!. Needless to say, It did not finish downloading. To me telltale's download system is still in diapers when compared to Steam which is more efficient, but I hope this problem will be solved by the time I have finished playing episode 3...I mean, tonight.
  • I am having this same issue... on the iPad, of all things!

    I downloaded all 5 episodes fine, and played episodes 1-4. When I started episode 5, I noticed that a whole bunch of my earlier choices were incorrect (I ended episode four with Ben, Kenny, Christa and Omid. I began episode five with only Christa and Omid).

    I was told by someone from Telltale that I should go back to episode four, "rewind" and replay the ending and make sure to let the final credits roll completely. I went back to episode four, but there was no "rewind" option. There was only "get." I pressed "get" and then it told me it was trying to download the game. Which is strange, because I already installed it and played it. It stayed stuck at 0.00% for a few minutes, and then gave me the "Connection lost" error that others have reported.

    Episode 5 works fine, and I suppose I could just play that one, but I would like to play the game with the choices I made intact.

  • Nevermind - got it sorted! I just did a "hard reset" of the iPad, and when I started the application again the episode loaded up fine! I was able to "rewind" episode 4 and made sure to wait for the credits to finish before starting episode 5. Kenny and Ben were dutifully there, just like they should have been!

    And while this isn't the proper place to post this - WOW, what an ending. Thanks TellTale, for an amazing series.
  • Right now I am pissed off....they took my money no problem when trying to download episode 4. Yet it will not download, the download has stalled. But my money vanished very quick!!!!!! What the heck. Fix it or refund my I tunes credit.
  • So anyway Im trying to download the chapters for the WD game Ive got it on the IPhone but its taking so bloody long what the heck it going on here ?

    Why dont they have the full version up on ITunes ? This is very painful.

    anyone know why ect ? :mad::mad::mad::mad:
  • Same here... I thought after all this time the issue would be solved.
    I can not dowload episode 4... I've been trying for 4 days now :(

    Is TellTale ever going to fix that ???
  • Okay so I've been trying to download episode 4 , and it keeps giving me no internet connection , why is that?! Is there anyway I can fix this or download the episode ???????!!

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