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Trying to be a good guy in Season Two should screw you over

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For example: Shooting girl in street but having consuequences you can shoot the girl and still get a lot of supplies, or meat locker situation where if you save larry , lilly gets bitten.
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  • And tainted meat is tainted meat. If you eat disease-ridden meat, you still get sick/poisoned
  • Mark$man;775611 said:
    You forget this is fan fiction. Walkers have lasted for many months, and in the comics, over a year now.
    I think it was actually 2 years, or maybe I'm just remembering it wrong. Either way, if we also go on the assumption that nearly the entire human race has become walkers, we're talking 6 billion corpses against the wild kingdom. That is certainly a scenario where strength in numbers truly matters. Animals must sleep, and the dead never rest... it's a war of attrition.
  • yep, exactly.
  • I say bullshit to anyone who says walkers are gonna kill all the wildlife. Animals have been running from predators as long as animals have been on earth. Maybe some die off but others will flurish. All types of rodents have high birth rates. Rats raccoons rabbits birds possem squrill. They use trees and holes to evade predators. Walkers couldnt possibly stop this. Quiet and highly skidish evasive animals such as these would populate the earth. So what a herd is going at 5mph. Have YOU ever tried chasing a rabbit damn near impossible. Its the whole reason nature has chosen to give these animals big litters 3 die so 7 can live. Yea walkesr might kill some but extint them no way
  • animals won't likely be going extinct. turtles, maybe, but they can always hide in their shells. animals will do just fine, perhaps even thrive so long as the walkers dont learn how to use guns.
  • I doubt it. Food sources diminish as walkers kill off animals and other humans, and slowly die. Humans also eat the food the animals do, so it becomes a constant struggle. The animals can't eat the walkers, if they do they will die. They can't outrun them, for eventually an animal gets tired or sleeps. Walkers don't sleep, nor get hungry, nor get tired. They will continue to eat everything in their sight. All animals have to go out for food, and if they can't find food, how can they survive? I didn't say they'd become extinct, but I'd say endangered, and it could be possible they'd die out. A herd goes I'd say... 1 mph? But they never stop moving. And they can travel from 1 to thousands. You ever been to a flee market? You try to outmaneuver that crowd. I think they'd give the wild a force to reckon with.
  • Mark$man;775362 said:
    Hahaha, where was Robin when you needed him? xD
    "Hey, Lee. I found this piece of an ear and a pool of blood over by the gate!"
    "I, uh... What? Really?"

    Duck thinks you're extremely cannibalistic.
  • ^I think you have the wrong setting there xD
  • Yo le dispare a los zombies no me importo las opciones, trate de salvarla lo peor que un humano racional puede hacer es ignorar una señal de verdadera necesidad, los suministros se obtienen de un lado o de otro no es la única tienda del maldito pueblo, si me hubieran venido encima a correr por eso hago ejercicio 365 días del año, además hubiera dejado el grupo desde cuando llevándome a la niña tal vez me hubiera topado con la chica y seria otro final distinto. A que no lo pensaron de ese modo.
  • Mark$man;775642 said:
    No, because being bitten still kills them. Yeah, a deer can run fast, but for how long? The dead don't get tired, they'll keep coming. And if it gets surrounded? What if it's already injured? Where would it go to escape a horde? Where will it find food?
    There's no proof they die from the infection. None. That doesn't stop them from dying of blood loss or what have you. However, the fact there's no undead animals is a pretty big indication that whatever the walkers carry doesn't cross species lines.

    And to reiterate, if ordinary people can outrun and evade walkers, there's no way something like a deer couldn't. It doesn't matter if walkers don't get tired when their target's moving atleast ten times faster than they can, there's literally going to be miles between them within a matter of minutes.

    Persistence hunting has been done by people, is currently done by animals like hyenas, etc. the thing they have in common? They can run and actually keep up with their prey. Walkers can't, except for the aforementioned cases of tortoises and sloths.
    Walkers seem fairly quiet, I've seen them sneak up on animals and humans alike. Like wtf? Where'd you come from? The walkers have caught rabbits and deer before.
    False. We've never seen walkers actually catch rabbits or deer. The rabbit we see being eaten at the beginning of Episode 2 was already dead, and it's implied the group were the ones that managed to catch it or bring it down "that's another meal lost"; ditto for the deer in the television show - Daryl shot that deer with his crossbow (the whole bit about how he had tracked it down over a couple of days).
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