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Play as Lily in the upcoming interquel?

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Telltale stated that they would release something to help tide us over until season 2 is released. If that something is a game, then I think Lily should be the main character.

Like her or hate her, Lily was a pretty interesting character with both assets and flaws to her personality, which make her complex, which make her easy to relate to. Even if you hated her actions, we all can understand where she was coming from when she did it. it would be a true shame for Telltale to let this character fall to the wayside when her story is practically begging to be told.

The interquel could began where Lily's story ended in season 1. This could lead to her being one of the two characters Clementine see's in the distance at the end of season 1.
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  • blanchett;775911 said:
    Sure she was a great character. I do see why you view her as a villain but I don't think it's a fair assumption. In the same way that I don't think it's fair to view Kenny as a villain. Both characters were designed to test you and potentially push you into making choices that weren't ethical. Again most interesting scenario for me would be that it's somehow Lilly and Kenny on that hill. I know a lot of people think that's too unrealistic but at this point putting those characters back together again now that they've both lost everything, when a bit of time has past is the most interesting way to start off season 2.
    But that's thing, if you take the high road with Lilly, treat her with respect, try to save her father and do the ethical thing by not leaving her to die on the side of the road, she stills steals the R.V. without any really any sign of remorse other than a very insincere "I'm sorry" before shoving Lee the fuck out the door. Even if you agree to come with her she leaves you.

    For me, Lilly actually challenged me to question my own actions, and made me wonder if what I was doing was actually ethical or not. On my first playthrough, after arriving at the train, before anything, I immediately went back in the R.V. to talk to Lilly. Maybe it was just morbid curiosity or maybe I thought I could talk some sense into her, but that was foremost on my mind.

    But all she does is whine about being tied up while everyone decides what to do with her, even though that's exactly what would have happened if she killed someone in a setting that wasn't a zombie apocalypse. And any repeat attempts to talk to her just causes her to ignore Lee.

    So I go grab the pencil from the front seat because, this is a point and click and you're suppose to steal anything not nailed down and I come back to her being loose and saying she's going. So I told her to go, she doesn't want to be here and I don't want her to be here, fine. But then she says she's going to take the R.V. and that's where I just lose it.

    Since I hadn't even looked at the train or anything else yet, watching Lilly drive off in the R.V. felt like I had just fucked over the whole group because I had to do what I thought was "right". Because it was so important for me to not be the "bad guy" I brought her along and that was a terrible decision in retrospect that could have gotten everyone killed if that train wasn't working.

    And for me, the message to take away from all that was not everyone can be saved. Some people, if not beyond redemption, simply don't want it. It's in stark contrast to a lot of other games with dialogue trees where there's almost always that option to talk someone down or get them to realize what they were doing was wrong. But not the case with Lilly, and unlike the St. Johns or the Bandits, it felt like you were meant to believe there was, even though there really wasn't.

    After several playthroughs it became obvious to me that Lilly really was a selfish and scared person at heart, and it was largely her choice to remain that way. She never asks for forgiveness, she never even fully acknowledges what she did was wrong. Larry probably beat it into her that those are signs of weakness and even after he's gone, no amount of kindness changes that about her because she doesn't want to change.

    As for Lilly and Kenny being the people on the hill, pretty ungodamn likely. Ignoring that Lilly thought the coast was a dumb idea and if you leave her she has no transportation, she and Kenny pretty much hated each other from the start. They both hold grudges like a motherfucker and they both have pretty big damn reasons to continue to do so at that point. Them meeting again in the second season would certainly be interesting, but I don't seem them traveling together outside of either gunpoint or some really ridiculous outside circumstances.
  • Mornai;775065 said:
    Agreed. I think playing as Lilly would have worse repercussions than playing as Kenny, since Lilly directly murders someone we care for, with no just cause. I would never be able to forgive her, no matter what actions she takes.

    For me, there is a line that, once crossed cannot be tread upon again. Lilly stomped on this line and is miles beyond it.

    I am very forgiving, and will almost always save a life no matter what they have done, but Lilly's actions were unforgivable, even for me.
    Exactly. Hear hear.

    I was more on Lilly's side than Kenny's, particularly when it came to the incident in the meat locker. But the moment she murdered Carley in cold blood she was dead to me. I can't even imagine allowing her in the trailer after that. She was beyond redemption at that point. Not to mention a major threat to the well being of everyone in the group.

    And relating that to Lee's past is totally unfair. From what I gathered Lee was in a physical fight with the guy and it went too far. That's not comparable to killing someone in cold blood because they made a remark that hit too close to home.
  • I don't think Lilly is irredeemable. She has A LOT to do before she does, but she can do it. Much like Lee couldn't directly make things right for his wife or the senator's family, Lilly needs to find her redemption somewhere else. And she should not be the leader. She is a horrible leader, unable to make tough choices when they need to be made. She prioritizes her father and herself far too much to be an effective leader, with the same being able to be said for Kenny as well (until his family dies, of course. I actually thought he wasn't all that bad as a leader after Kat and Duck checked out). At least he had a plan, even if it was a bit of a pipe dream, beyond sitting on the group's collective asses and waiting to be killed by walkers/bandits/cannibals/hunger/exposure.

    I don't like Lilly (as a person). She was a great character and I'm glad she was in the game, she made it really interesting, but I'll be damned if I ever let her give me orders again. She's got a Long Road Ahead of her until she deserves forgiveness for what she did, but in my mind if Kenny can do it, so can she.
  • blanchett;775074 said:
    I really find the Lily hate disturbing. We see her losing her mind under extreme trauma. There was nothing planned with her killing Carly. I don't even think it personal she just lashed out and she happened to be holding a gun. Look at the clip it's all over her face she's shocked at what she's done. Why is it acceptable for Lee to murder someone in cold blood under far less extreme circumstances and be redeemable? How is it okay for Kenny to allow a poor girl to be slaughtered by walkers as a diversion, crush an elderly man's skull in and abandon a young woman on the side of a road?

    It seems so hypocritical to me to allow the male characters all of these moral lapses but crucify the only female character when she snaps because she kills off the only female character you might have been "virtually" been able to have sex with.
    Ugh .....

    You're the one that's making gender the central issue here. No one else.

    Plus I played Lee as a fucking saint. He was so damn heroic, and I always tried to do the right thing. Just because both Lee and Lilly have committed murder does not make them the same ... that's actually where the similarities end.
  • Mornai;775922 said:
    I don't know, but GREYxDUZxKRUSH really hates them. I liked Kenny too, but I've seen people who were really pissed at him at times.
    True Christa thinks shes got everything figured out and lees dumbass is lucky to have found her. Reality says oppsite she needs them. Questioning lee about clem and everything he does. When he is has gotten clem thus far. Truth be told shes pregnant and in a few months she knows omids worthless ass isnt gonna cut it. Omid is small uncordinated and tells jokes to lighten the tone when were about to die which is fuckin stupid. Hell clem had to protect him..Omid is a helpless lii bitch. They are heavy burden on an already strained group my group lees group. Im sorry if no one sees it that way. Just my opinion. I liked kenny too. Death to Lily/Omid/Christa
  • You can't say he is hopeless. He happened to have some bad luck, and got injured. Considering he's survived longer than most the original group, and yet he takes some risks, I'd say he is better than most.
  • blanchett;775880 said:
    Because Mornai's point to me is not valid unless Lilly was operating with her full faculties. She was not. She was losing her mind and the expectation that she should have been more rational doesn't hold up me to at all. Maybe she didn't like Carley but shooting her, planning it out because she hated her. That's just bullshit. Lilly at the point was just not capable of being that calculated if she ever was. She was shocked at what she did. Some people might not think she felt guilt, I don't believe that but fair enough if you it but shock was all over her face after she shot. There was nothing planned.
    You seem very focused on the element of premeditation, even though it was something I didn't accuse Lilly of. In fact, my statement that Lilly switched targets should make clear that I wasn't accusing Lilly of planning it out beforehand.

    Just because Lilly didn't premeditate her murder doesn't make it any less malicious. As I've already described, there's good indication that Lilly believed Ben was the guilty party but instead shot the one person who challenged her witch hunt. That makes it a malicious act whether Lilly planned it or not. Someone else pissed her off more than Ben, and she pointed her pistol that way instead.

    It's also a malicious act because Lilly had intent to kill the moment she seized the opportunity when others weren't paying attention to draw the pistol, indicating a mind that knew what it was doing. It may have only taken moments, but Lilly clearly knew what she wanted to do and decided to act on it.

    Are you seriously suggesting that Lilly's action had NOTHING to do with her dislike of Carley? And you do realize malicious means having the intent to do harm which doesn't necessarily require premeditation? When that pistol came out, malice was there.
  • Play as Lilly? hell no! and this is from someone who doesnt hate her.Too much baggage and a fix personality to allow the player to mess with.

    A cameo with Lilly(and other survivors) in season 2?yes,please.

    It could be complicated but I hope Telltale can somehow use your save file to determine what her fate has turned out to be.
    I'd be disappointed if she only appeared as a raving serial killing lunatic as I'm sure others would be if she had joined a camp full of poor orphans that she was single handedly caring for :p

    It would be great if they could have some variation to her progress since leaving the group.Why not have saves with a redemptive Lilly who is an asset to the group she has joined while also having a madder and badder Lilly in others and thus the new protagonist can tell her to F**k Off! or even give certain players the satisfaction of finally putting her down.I suspect this might be too hard to accomplish but it would give the game variation and make choices matter.

    I would think Molly would be the more appropriate.She only appeared in one episode and seems more of a character that could be shaped and expanded by player choices.
    I suspect the "DLC" episode will be about the three month gap in season one or what happened to Clem at the end.This will allow Telltale to start fresh with totally new characters,and with that I'm off until something new is released.
  • Rock114;775957 said:
    I don't like Lilly (as a person). She was a great character and I'm glad she was in the game, she made it really interesting, but I'll be damned if I ever let her give me orders again.
    This is how I feel about Lilly too. Good character. Fit the story. Was happy she was in it. But leaving her at the side of the road was the obvious choice, IMO. What she did was WAY across the the line, and I wouldn't ever trust her again in any way, shape, or form.

    On the other side of it, I feel Omid and Christa were fine as people, but boring characters that didn't add much to the story, and they weren't as well acted or as interesting as any of the other main characters. And Omid is just obnoxious with his stupid jokes and smug facial expressions.
  • Mornai;775890 said:
    Alright, we've got extreme hatred for Lilly, Larry, Omid, Christa & Kenny. Halfway there, folks! :p
    Heheh, To be fair, none of the group is liked universally, but at least everyone's liked by somebody.

    When we're civil that doesn't have to be bad. With the bleak morally gray setting people are going to have different perspectives and ways of doing things, so it's understandable that different characters would feel more sympathetic or realistic to different people.

    Problem is that some fans can be a bit... eh.. passionate?
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